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How to Make a Bedini Crystal Battery

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  • hello folks

    just a quick question

    we have a couple batterys filled with just alum and water
    now over the hollidays something strange happend with one of them

    this was a battery witch was working on the alum mix
    but after standing idle a few days on half charge suddenly 3 cells starting to turn white solid.
    now it will not stand above 6 volts anymore
    its a 12 volt 180AH battery

    is this something that can happen to anny cell?



    • What are the dangers of the water fuel cell. The black mix baked on the cloth. I am planing on reproducing these cells. As far as I have seen and read the only dangerous thing we would use is manganese dioxide. But after mixed into the paste and baked it should be safe. JB or Chuck if I am correct please respond. I have spent over three weeks pouring over both threads. I started over a year ago with JB's SSG with both online books. Waiting on the advanced to come out. Then I stumbled upon LaserSabers crystal battery. I built these and got hooked. As it turns out 10 months later the magnesium has been consumed to almost 65%. But during that time I have made quite a few of the copper mag alum cells which are great by the way. I have done quite a few of the crystal battery experiments only following john, chuck, and Lidmotor through out the thread. I now have all the proper salts,minerals, hydrates, ect. I got to this point in the thread on noticed Tom C's post about the toxic nature of this type of cell. *So my main question* After baking is the electrolyte safe to handle. It appears only to be toxic when in the powered form or the paste. My YouTube is BackRoomLabs. Anyways if John or Chuck read this much thanks for everything you guys have done. Oh off topic but can't wait till the 100 watt amorphous solar panles become available. Saving now for the 20amp solar 5. Thanks against keep up the good work.


      • I don't know what you mean by 4 chemical mix. I got these results with = amounts of alum, no salt substitue, Epsom salt,and borax. All where powdered in a coffee grinder then rammed into a copper pipe with a mag. rod from a water heater in the center. Spacers were cut from a pvc pipe to center the rods. I made 7 cells of 1.25 copper pipe about 4 inches long each. The initial voltage was 9.5 volts. It powered a 12v car 36 LED display constantly for about 2 weeks at full brightness. Then the voltage dropped down to 7.5V and stayed that way constantly for about 4 months. I never disconnected the LEDs the whole time. Then when the power went out and I was using it for a flashlight and dropped it. Most of the wires came apart. I need to rebuild it and add more cells to get a constant 12volts.


        • I found out using the borax eats the mag. All the cells I made with borax still work but the mag is almost gone. That is why I went to the start of the earth lights fourm. Like I said it takes a long time and some patience to read all the info john and chuck put out and follow all the videos. I wish I would have found this first. I would have saved me time and frustration. The new cells I am prepping to build are the water fuel cells. These cells are a 6 part mix baked. These are the cells that Chuck and JB have inside the little black boxes. Lidmotor did a replication of this cell. The 1+ amp flooded cell has one additional sulphate added to the water used to flood the cell. Hint blue in color. John posted a video about single ion transfers and this video helped me figure out what the new sulfate was. I need to test this to see but I'm pretty sure I no what it is. First I have to build the baked cell first and perfect that to John and Chucks mix. Then I can try and move on to the flooded cell. All the info on what is in these 2 types of water fuel cells and how to make me are posted through out the energetic fourm. I hope there are more people out there trying to replicate this. This is lost technology from the ancients. We are a species with amnesia. We are told and tailored to believe to do science you have to be in a lab with white coats and have a advanced degree. This is the fatherst thing from the truth anybody can do these things and we all should. The grid and money are the biggest forms of enslavement. Anything we can do to break free of these two things will bring around an abundance of everything. Keep experimenting and good luck to all.


          • I cleaned a bunch of lead today and poured some future plates, for which i will be constructing an alum crystal battery. The 4 on the left are old wheel weights, and the 4 on the right are pure lead, I am going to make 2 cells with each kind and then compare before making any more. For any of you who are still working on this i just used his old waffle iron as a mold, the plates have nice uniform holes for pasting the alum into.

            Click image for larger version

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            • BatteryForming_2008_04_25_16_16_47.wmv

              This video is on you tube, i find it very interesting, i would like to know how JB got the lead crystal material to grow on those plates, is it just a matter of putting current to them for a long time or is lots of charge/discharge cycles. The reason for asking is, this video inspired my son to make some homemade cells for a science fair project, he is now at 118 chg/dischg cycles and there does not seem to be any type of growth on the plates, they have turned colors just like in video.
              The cells have grown in the sense that they will do real work for the discharge part, just no visible change other than color.
              The lead plates he used are pictured in my previous post, made with the old waffle iron. His goal was to form them as lead acid and then convert to alum like JB did in video.


              • Originally posted by Tom C View Post

                the formula is proprietary and it is very toxic when wet, and when curing. I asked John about it last week and he said he is not going to make them, it is just too dangerous. He did one for proof of concept but is not going to make anymore.

                Tom C
                He probably started playing with mercury

                My understanding of it all in laymans words is that we have reactive chemicals in non reactive metals .

                The Metals are technicaly reactive but protect themselves through electrochemical creation of crystal oxide layers ( of various metals) , these crystals made by John are what Kervran did in his experiments .

                For example Gold & Platinum in Sufuric acid , the reaction is blocked by a film of growing crystal oxide ( which i believe we accelerate by adding pusing power .. didnt read the science yet in detail)

                So what we get is that we have a galvanic reaction BUT it's happening in that crystaline layer with the potentials provided by the materials gold & platinum in sufuric acid case .

                With Sodium Carbonate you get the same with a multitude of metals . Karpens simplest battery is

                Sodium Carbonate with 2 different quality copper , carbon or other metals . Aluminium also has this reaction .

                Applying heat will change this naturally .

                I wanted to ask you if you could point me to the latest mix endorsed by John seen as it all went dead .

                Much appreciated


                • Homemade Lead Acid Batteries Complete Guide

                  The title says Lead Acid but the guy actually creates a Lead Crystal battery. He only uses Ammonium Sulfate and rain water.

                  The key thing to watch for is that he reverses the polarity after each cycle to reduce the battery's resistance. This causes the battery to hold more amps and volts after each reverse cycle.

                  One of his cells was shorted without his knowledge until the end of the video or his results would have been even better.

                  I'm going to try reversing the polarity after each cycle in my next test.



                  • Originally posted by John_Bedini View Post
                    In this update video I’m showing where the energy is coming from with this type of system.
                    John Bedini & Chuck Hupp.

                    Hi Team,
                    This is a reminiscence of what John showed us on a bigger scale and perhaps of an Associate iteration(G-Field like) of the same effect in his website, where a light bulb (Incandescent bulb) is seen running a Rotary Energizer and keeping itself powered all the time..
                    The Patent 'Circuits and related methods of Charging a Battery' says that the Oscillator can be scaled up which means that one can have a scaled up version of the set up John showed us here and have a Practical Solar like Lighting for free!!!!!
                    Gold bless his soul!!!!!
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                    'Wisdom comes from living out of the knowledge.'


                    • Originally posted by John_Bedini View Post
                      @ All,
                      I have been testing this theory for months now, but I did not want to say anything until I was sure what was going on. The mix was very simple 50% Alum (Ammonium Aluminum Silicate) and 50% (Sodium Carbonate) in Chucks tests he has been working for several months at these little cells to see what was going on. You will always find Chuck measuring things. The Oscillators I have posted before on how to make them. It is important the exothermic reaction stops between the Alum and the Sodium Carbonate. Then the mix is watered down to make a liquid out of that and the plates are immersed in the mix that is liquid. A forming charge is applied and then the battery is drained and this is repeated until the oxides are formed. I used Sheet Zinc but other things can be used. This cell can be critical with the insulator material as it can form dendrites between the plates. The Oscillator is a SG circuit in forced condition. It is not my intention to sell anything the information has always been on the groups with the SG Energizer, but then who is listening to what I have said. I have covered this many times that the current is not wanted in my circuits. The negative effect or termed a negative resistor takes place in the cells chemical, same as a lead acid battery, Again I will point this out to you all,,,,Prigogine system: a many-particle system which is deliberately forced to exist far from thermodynamic equilibrium, and which exhibits negative entropy. Note that local curvature of vacuum spacetime places the local virtual state flux in nonequilibrium conditions, with the result that an observable energy "sink" or "source" can be produced.This can be seen in the cell temp going negative to ambient room temp.
                      John wherever you are!!(in the Space -Time Continum) i have always been listening to you...I have always stood by what i said in my...Yes Knowledge hails from the past and its people..Future only holds the Arena of its realization!!! I miss you John..
                      'Wisdom comes from living out of the knowledge.'


                      • Originally posted by jiant View Post
                        A question for making the semiconductor copper. Can the oxide layer be achieved through electrolysis? So bascically, is there another a way to make the semiconductive copper other than heating it.
                        Yes you can do it..but as JK said why do you want to eat the hard way when you can easily eat straight!! but there is a sense in doing it that way as well.. you can Electroytically do this which gives you a control on the thickness of the oxide layer..but what Electrolyte is the next question?
                        Just my guess.. Molten salt Electrolysis with Anode Copper (that you want to coat)..Which salt ??...may be Sodium Peroxide?? still a guess.. the down side in this is that you still need to do heating (Sodium Peroxide Fuses at 675 C)
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                        'Wisdom comes from living out of the knowledge.'