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  • Hi guys! My wife and I are back home after 2 weeks in the hospital. She is recovering slowly, but feels a little better each day! Its still a long road to complete recovery, and her diet has changed drastically! But Im sure that if she would just do what she is supposed to, instead of being so stubborn, that she will get better soon! If anyone would like to help us out with the medical bills that are starting to roll in, or just to catch up on the progress of her recovery, then please click HERE to check it out.

    I have started re-building my circuit from the ground up. Brand new transistors I bought from MOUSER and 470 Ohm 1 watt resistors. Im going with the original plans and using the 1N4001 AND 1N4007 diodes (for now). I have the Ceramic variable resistor that Gary mentioned, getting rid of all the amp meters, and am currently soldering it all together. But I have a question...

    I was reading in these forums somewhere, that you can further protect the transistors by adding a 4.7K reisistor inline with the neon bulb. Is this true? If so, which leg of the neon should the resistor go on? (Should the resistor be attached to the emitter or collector side of the neon? or does it not matter?)

    Also, should the 7 outputs work better all connected to a single output post (to charge one battery), or should I hook each output wire up to its own output post (to charge up to 7 batteries?)

    Another thing... will a scope like THIS one work? Or maybe THIS or THIS or THIS?

    -Pastor Gordon
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