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    Originally posted by min2oly View Post
    good friends are hard to find, that's awesome that you can be there.

    and your wheel...
    That's one super "super" wheel!
    yes, collect the spikes in a cap - then dump to your battery bank.
    do it as close as you can like JB did it w/ his Ferris Wheel.
    is the wooden wheel so you can capitalized on some of the power?
    very nice indeed.
    I get it, the smaller wheel goes inside the wooden wheel which holds the coils

    what are all the materials in your frame wheel and screws?



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      Hi All,

      Both of us are well aware of the B17 deficiency. Getting him to take Laetrile is another is finding it. We are going to go with the Baking soda route for now. Alkalinity is very important to killing cancer also.

      Concerning the wheel....the stationary wooden ring is just a place to hold the 24 coils. It is now mounted to the stainless frame on wheels. It was made from many pieces of Advantech "not OSB" epoxy particle board all glued together via the joints overlapping on the 2" X 8" pieces of hardwood spacers. I know it looks like a big paddle wheel. Just a way to hold the colis with the best rigidity and light weight. The OD and ID were then machined on our Big CNC with the addition of slots every 15 degrees just .08" deep both sides. This way the coils can be adjusted in and out to set the gap between the rotor and coil face. On the wood ring I have the ability to mounted 1 through 24 coils on it.

      The frame is made from 2" x 2" X.060" Stainless.....keeping it light and strong with Heliarc welding. The rotor is Aluminum which houses the magnet superpoles. The magnets are not glued together....just a piece of paer betweeen and on each side of the pairs. No way will they fly off! Ever! On the wheel there are several ways in which to mounted many different magnets sizes and shapes by using the wedge clamping method I have devised. Everything except for the shafting is nonmagnetic. If you notice there is also room for a few more SG's on the shaft as well.

      I have spent many many hours thinking and designing this system in my head. It is on paper but my drawings are very brief and not well documented as to each specific detail. Much like Tesla was able to do. I have tried to make this system as variable as I can so it can later be modified if need be.

      What is really cool is that I have made almost every conceivable mistake you can make with the SG. Now I can build this machine and know with certainty that it will work and why. Knowing why is the key! Knowing what that "h" wave looks like on the scope and how you modify it is the big question.....and all of my wild experiments have shown me how and why.

      John is a very clever guy......that super pole is something I would have never considered. It provides the narrowest "h" shape, conserves the most energy to produce the spike, and will not magnetize the cores of the SG. JB is right......learn all you can from the very simple it and learn why everything is there and what it does. Each piece has a very specific task......figuring out why they are there and what they do is the trick. The two new books out by Peter and Aaron on the SG are without a doubt a very important part of my learning.

      Do not procrastinate! Make something happen...even if it is wrong. Once begun half done!


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        Hi All, The big wheel is now on hold for just a little while. Got side tracked like I so easily do. Will get to it when the snow starts. For now am putting up a 8640 watt solar array. 30 panels + on a 15' X 55' long 45 degree angled roof. Will post some pics soon. I plan on running that big wheel off solar and also using the solar to charge up my iron Edison batteries.

        Joe the guy who I visited twice a week in the VA has cancer on the run. He went in last nov. with a psa of 1800 and 3 days from death! Now he is out and 95% back to normal. Psa dropped from 1800 to 53 to 17 now down to 8. Some experimental Chemo of oral type. Seemed to have worked and saved his life.

        Now I am running for Trustee in our township. How much more stuff can I pile on? Missed the Bedini conference but there is always next year.

        Anyway I will get back to the 24 coiler very soon now. will keep you all posted.

        Do not procrastinate! Make something happen...even if it is wrong. Once begun half done!


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          Hi Again, I need to try out the steel shot core assembly like Paul Babcock has stated. Has anyone tried this on the SG yet?

          Do not procrastinate! Make something happen...even if it is wrong. Once begun half done!


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            Bone Cancer Fighting Strategies

            To add to what Dave has stated. It helps to actually understand how cancer develops in one's body as well as the
            large number of alternative treatments that are available. As your friend has bone cancer, I would recommend
            that you consider multiple treatments (i.e. one involving nutrition and supplements as well as electronic treatment
            like the GB-4000 or the Photon Genius).

            All the best,


            Originally posted by Dave Wing View Post
            Bud I do believe not all hope is lost for your friend, there are treatments available....

            World Without Cancer - - B17 Laetrile Vitamin B17

            World Without Cancer - - B17 Laetrile Vitamin B17

            World Without Cancer - - B17 Laetrile Vitamin B17

            And or contact this treatment center, apparently it is the best clinic in the world regarding cancer treatment. Check out the videos, testimonials, faq's, Etc.

            Alternative Cancer Treatment Center | Oasis of Hope Cancer Hospital

            Dave Wing