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  • life....... the ferris wheel is a complicated device and requires a lot of time and energy..... if you have any questions please post them here and we will try and answer them.

    Tom C

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    • Yes I have some questions (as always) but I will post them in the thread that I already started about my little machine, I don't wanna post my mini machine in the ferris wheel thread, it's odd. But it would be great to have more material to read, I was reading this thread yesterday and it was great.



      • Wow! Tom your doing some great work here. Clarity is everything. Sorry it has taken so long for me to pop in and see what you've been up to. There is some great info here.
        I only have a few minutes to comment, I spent most of the evening reading the entire thread. And I will try to add a few things I have learned along the way. one thing I see is that some clarification on impedence inductance and resistance may help here. (I won't go into inductive reactance) They are not the same thing. The resistance values that JB gave are in R and I. I tried to make that distinction before and am afraid I made it all to complex. Perhaps a simple analogy.. if you take some corn starch add some water then try to stir it you will begin to see what is going on when the coils come alive. I think Tom, at the begining you said everything is timing. For me it is frequency. When you try stir the starch there is a speed or rate where it goes smoothly. push to fast and it brings you to a halt. The coils want to run at a very specific frequency. I have found that every build I've done is different. This is part of why JB used round magnets on the hall. As current flows into the coil there is a rate of time(pulse width) before the coil is charged. After that it is just a short circuit wasitn energy. so you want your pulse to end at exactly or just before that point where the coil becomes "saturated" This is done moving the hall from center of magnet outword, longer pulse to shorter. Then you also have to "time" by moving the hall across the arc of movement to fire at the just the right moment. I had a lot of fun with John K. playing with the timing for everyone to see back then. But as you move along the arc, several things happen at the same time. The rpm's are affected, and so is the current. There is a balance to watch for. But: there is a third component I discovered. And this is something I am not sure anyone ever talked about. And that is the sound. on one of JB's videos he was showing and talking about his ten coiler. he mentioned the thud thud sound it made. I discovered this with my smaller Ferris. At a certain point it would become loud and clear. On that machine, at the time, I was running 3.2 amps 20 volts, using two very large Alum converted batteries.

        The unanswered or never really clear question I still have is if the outside coils are supposed to be polor opposite of the center coil, or are they supposed to be the same polarity as the center? I was running them in attraction mode with the center coil repulsion. JB's answer to John K. made it sound like that's how he always did it, but I always wondered. when I experimented on my machine and ran the numbers I did get about 35% efficient when the outsides were opposite the center. and about 52% when they were all the same. very much the same as my six coil SSG. which fits in with the intermediate SSG manual as I recall.

        Something interesting I had happen while playing with my mini ferris, was that it was on a table. below the table on the floor was one of my favorite SSG's. The ssg was hooked to an input battery and had been left just sitting there. When I turned on the Fereis wheel, the neons on the SSG began to fire. I always beleived the ferris was capable of wireless transmission of power. I would love to know if thats what it was. but it may have just been a mag field crossing the trigger wre just enough to cause it fire, and nothing more. I had it happen again a few months ago when I dusted everyting off and was playing a bit. But since then I gave the SSG to a family member and nothing else has worked. But with the post on the portals between the sun and earth.....I dunno!



        • 5' Ferris Wheel

          I am selling my 36V, 5' Bedini Ferris Wheel for just material costs, $1500 plus shipping. I'm unable to post pictures here on the forum but can attach to emails. Post a message here to me if anyone is interested. Also for sale; one 60,000uF cap dump, $125 and the coil assembly of one 32" diameter re-gauging motor, $525.


          Ron Chase


          • Ferris wheel Pictures

            Click image for larger version

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            Thanks Aaron, here are the pictures of the Ferris Wheel, Cap Dump and half the re-gauging motor that I'm selling.



            • Here is the timing of JB's Ferris wheel in idling mode...

              Dave Wing
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                Aaron Murakami

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                • Thankyou Aaron Murakami and Dave Wing, for the info

                  I can see from John Bedini's, timing diagram, that he would have had either 2 sets( or more) of timing sensors for the short pulses and the long pulses, or used a single timming sensor with a microcontroller, to provide the long pulses and short pulses, and to provide diffrent timing modes.

                  Nityesh Schnaderbeck
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                  • Originally posted by Dave Wing View Post
                    Here is the timing of JB's Ferris wheel in idling mode...

                    Dave Wing
                    Hi Dave,

                    This is basically an Electro-mechanical PWM mechanism, i remember reading Tesla constructing a similar Electro-Mechanical PWM generator....
                    Best Regards,
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