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Looking for a magnets only motor

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  • Looking for a magnets only motor


    magnets have energy inside them, they are like magic, this is why I believe that their force alone can be used to make a motor.

    I experiment a little a while ago using Meccano parts to prototype but didn't get anything to spin.
    I came across many videos including the energy from the vacuum series but I never found instructions on how to build any motor.

    So I'm asking here to more experienced people, do you know of a working motor with building instructions that spins by the magnetic force of magnets (not electromagnets) and requires no battery or electric circuit ?

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    the only one I know of that is "real" is howard Johnson's not the scam ones but you can read his patent here:

    experimental Kits, chargers and solar trackers


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      Hm, isn't that the magnetic gate thing ? If so do the crescent shaped magnets exist with the required magnetisation axis ?


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        no you have to make them....
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        experimental Kits, chargers and solar trackers


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          By make you mean combine smaller ones as told on the DVD ? Thing is that, if I remember correctly, on the DVD it is not shown what shape are magnets and how they are ordered.

          If you meant magnetize them myself, then I must ask why no manufacturer in the world makes them, either some organisation prevents them, or it's not possible and then why put it in a patent.


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            What Tom said, and while not a motor per say, I've seen Bedini demonstrate the Hamel whatever its called flying magnet motor, that's like a hobby shop project at the demonstration level. I also saw him write up, and I've not been able to find it again, I wish I had bookmarked it, an all magnet motor where he commented that it was confirming like three theories he and Bearden had on magnetism. There is also a fellow in Austria, Dietmar Hohl, who says he has worked off of Howard Johnson's principles. He gives detailed mechanical drawings and complete parts lists for his projects which last I saw he was claiming 2-5kW from, I suspect he is valid but it would cost you maybe 2K or more to get it all machined and try and build it yourself to find out.
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              So there's nobody on this forum with a working motor ??


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                Originally posted by ecneicsygrene View Post
                So there's nobody on this forum with a working motor ??
                I don't know about this forum, but how about this one -


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                  not that I know of.

                  experimental Kits, chargers and solar trackers


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                    Here Is a Working Permanet Magnet Motor

                    I knew of one Motor that Work's

                    I found A ready to marketing project recently! It is so amazing and powerful that I'm very worry about the Inverter at the Moment.

                    The Motor is bean developt from A Turkish Man who workt on it for over 33 year.
                    His Name is Muammer YILDIZ, and in my opinion he is a very nice and honest Person.

                    I hope it will not disappear together with the Inverter.

                    and he have a patent on it!

                    Please see for your self:




                    the very existence of his Motor is threatening the every Petroleum based economy!!!
                    With other word all worldwide economy!!!

                    I hope he make it, but in y opinion his chance a very little!

                    Love and Light