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    Originally posted by totoalas View Post
    Hi V Tech
    Out of curiosity I went to a 1 minute test with this apparatus
    and the results are somewhat related to what my body had such blurry right eye palpitating heart
    back pain etc

    May I know whats your opinion on this as If it can replace full diagnostics test in a hospital using x ray ultra sound or same test the difference is its free and they say it can be used as reference by doctors????
    or just plain propaganda to sell their wellness supplement cleanse and coffee enemas

    Hi totoalas,
    Personally, I don't see anything wrong in enemas, rather the opposite. As for this particular device, there are plenty of them being marketed, including China. I don't know enough about it to answer your question but I'll try to gather some information.
    As for your other post related to 27MHz and possible effect on water; George Lakhovsky Multiwave Oscillator antenna has resonant peak (1st resonance) of the largest, outer ring at exactly same frequency.



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      Thanks Vtech
      for the swift reply and on the 27 mhz
      Ive had my collection of microwave oven ring magnets almost 2000 pcs..... think its time to use them in water structuring using 1/2 in dia stainless 316 pipe and 4 n s n s magnets enclosed with pvc/ foam filler ......
      Also I will start to build on the flyback solar ozonator ,,,, too much time wasted on the pulse motor......
      as for the device below are the tests made
      liver function liver fat content normal range actual measurement value
      kidney function uric acid index
      Bone mineral density Amount of calcium loss
      Trace element calcium
      Eye collagen eye wrinkle
      collagen fat metabolism
      cardiovascular and cerebrovascular
      gastrointestinal function
      gallbladder function
      kidney function
      liver function
      brain nerve
      blood sugar
      all in one minute most of the index I failed ???? maybe its time for diet