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    4 wave mixing Russian style

    I have something that I want to put into the mix here. The Russian healing machines pulse the signal one way and then reverse it. So if you people here are familiar with the bi-polar switch from the Window Motor it is possible to build that machine. I have built several of these machines of which I gave away. It is also possible to detect the field around your body and the machine will self adjust. Bearden writes about that in Scalar healing. It took some time for me to figure the circuit's out since I do everything in Analog. I'm sure Digital would work too.
    Click image for larger version

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    Between two scalar potentials, interferometry is: Interference of the multi-wave sets in hyperspace.
    Production of gradients in the 3-space point values In the classical (erroneous) postulation, the creation of forces in 3-space.
    Force does not exist until the gradient couples to an observable mass. There are no E-fields and B-fields as such in the
    massless vacuum, but only potential gradients.
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    As previously stated, in 1903 E. T. Whittaker, a well-known mathematical physicist, showed that a scalar potential can be mathematically decomposed into a set of peculiar EM wavepairs in a harmonic set. (see Figure 12) These “hidden waves” are longitudinal EM waves, arranged in conjugate pairs with the pairs also arranged in a harmonic set. In each wavepair, there is an ordinary (forward-time) longitudinal EM wave (outgoing in 3-space from the interacting/observing charge), coupled to its phase conjugate replica (time-reversed twin).

    Rife was not using normal potentials and normal E and H fields—which as we discussed, only apply to observable material entities anyhow and thus could not be used to “see” far below the quantum threshold of least detectable material disturbance. His entire protocol was to get beyond those “material interception of EM energy” limitations. Unwittingly, Rife was using vacuum engines—involving structuring of the active vacuum as well as pure general relativity (GR) and pure structurings of spacetime geometry itself. He was electromagnetically using that part of GR that the GR physicists have mostly only tried to produce by use of the weak gravitational force. In GR, the ST geometry itself is active, dynamic, energetic, and structuring! In higher symmetry electrodynamics, the ST geometry itself is powerfully active, dynamic, energetic, and structuring! It is not at all just a "passive spacetime" as classical electrodynamics assumes.

    However, all living systems already use this "infolded" bidirectional, longitudinal wavepair EM in their ongoing living functions . Just as they used frequency modulation, EM signals, EM oscillations, etc. before we even had an electrodynamics or a physics, living systems do use the infolded EM (and vacuum engines) in all their living functions, and particularly in their cellular regeneration and restoration (R&R) system , as contrasted to their immune system. The immune system cells are the fighters and the debris scavengers/cleaners. They go after the hostile invaders, fight them, and usually win—littering the battlefield with the debris. Then the immune system scavenger cells clean up the residue.

    No vaccine, drug, herb, vitamin, or mineral heals the body, although certainly they can enhance or aid the body's healing process. Each does carry its individual resident vacuum engine, and when absorbed by the cell, this added vacuum engine contributes to the resident vacuum engine in the cell by summing with it. To restore the damaged cells back to normal (i.e., to heal), the R&R system uses a novel kind of extended electrodynamics with infolded vacuum engines, and it uses a novel kind of optical phase conjugate pumping, in the time domain rather than just 3-space. The magic “unified field theory” so long sought by scientists, has long been utilized by the regeneration and restoration system of the body in its minute-to-minute and day-to-day healing and restoring actions.

    Electrodynamic force fields implicitly define primarily only translation effects upon charges or masses, in their very definitions. With normal EM, usually one will get reradiation of the absorbed energy, or partial reradiation of the absorbed energy accompanied with recoil of the absorbing mass, or no reradiation but recoil of the mass.
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      My Theory

      I'm also just a research engineer, just tinkering with this technology, so I am not qualified to make any medical claims.

      I agree with what John B is saying, but I don't understand some of it. I have read a few papers on various machines that incorporate this type of technology, which describe the machines of having the ability to heal various disorders. One of the best papers I read, described the technology in a way that I think I can understand. Note that I could be completely wrong, but this is just the way I see it, from the research I have done.

      Picture that every cell in a living being (plant, animal, etc.) has a tiny little coil in the centre of it, where the coil exists as the energy source of the cell. Imagine that the coil receives it's energy from the environment.
      However, the coils in these cells in a particular part of the being (e.g. liver, kidney, skin, etc.) resonate at a different frequency. If the cell's "coil" resonant frequency is "disturbed" by something like a virus it can no longer convert the environmental energy into the energy the cell needs to survive, so the cell becomes diseased and if not treated will become mutated, or even die. The being's in-built immune and healing system will attempt to repair or rejuvenate the cell and bring it back into resonance, although it may not be able to completely cure it.
      The theory as I understand it is to hit the cell's "coil" with the correct resonant frequency (or a sub-harmonic frequency), but with a scalar wave of that frequency. This, in theory, will reverse the damage or rejuvenate the cell that has becomes "diseased" as we have "un-diseased" the energy source of the cell. Much in the same way as the Monopole can rejuvenate a battery.
      So if my understanding is correct, we just have to figure out what the resonant frequency (or sub-harmonic) of the diseased cell is and then hit it with a scalar EM potential. But the problem is that what works for one part of the being may not work for another part. So there are a few ways to do this - one is to have a device which can automatically sense the frequency of the damaged cell, as John pointed out, and tune itself to the correct frequency. This sounds pretty difficult to do.
      Another way is to design a machine that will generate many different frequencies at the same time, where the damaged cell will respond to the frequency that it needs in order to "rejuvenate" itself. Of course, using a whole bunch of different frequencies simultaneously may also correct cells that are only partly "diseased" but are only in the early stages where the immune system has yet to figure out that they need healing.
      Bearden's Four Wave Mixing design as well as Lakhovsky's MWO design are example of machines that are reported to have these healing effects. There are others as well.

      So again, this is just the way I see and I could be completely off the mark.

      John K.


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        Hi John,
        I attended the 2012 Conference (my first one) and was blown away. I'm a huge fan. I've been watching your videos and learning electronics with any spare time I can find. You are my hero.

        Now that I finally got to get that off my chest, I have some questions about the schematic:

        Originally posted by John_Bedini View Post
        IC 4
        Pump Wave IC NE555 set between .8 to 8 Cps
        1) When I look at the schematic, I see .0047uF and .1 to 8 Cps. I'm assuming the 2 differences in the above quote are typos? Can you please confirm?

        2) Also, on the schematic I see "ORANGE" and "WHITE" but I'm not 100% sure what they are referring to. Above the "ORANGE" and to the left I see an LED, so I was thinking maybe the "ORANGE" was referring to that (a light to say the machine is on). As for the "WHITE", could it be the color of the wire coming out of the Radio Shack transformer (I ordered one but it hasn't arrived yet)?

        3) To the left of the 386 chip, between pin 3 and the 100K pot, what does that arrow pointing up mean? I've tried looking at tons of schematics to find one of these and a description of what it means, but no luck. As I mentioned earlier I'm new to electronics and trying to learn on the fly, so please don't be too harsh.

        4) I noticed some of the capacitors don't have a + or - and some are drawn with a short line and a longer line. I'm assuming the ones on the Phase Gen Mixer should be ceramic capacitors as they don't have polarity from what I understand. Can you please elaborate on the capacitors that should be used (ceramic for Phase Gen, electrolytic for other?, etc.) please?

        5) For the resistors, on one of them you mention it should be 1/4W, what does this mean for the ones that aren't labeled? I've been looking at buying 3W resistors everywhere to be safe but not sure if that's required or if there's a downside to that (from what I can tell, there's no downside but I'd like to be sure before I buy them).

        6) At the bottom of the schematic you have a light drawing of 3 square waves(?) that looks like it says 10v DC, 9.5, and 8.9. Above them are labels AE, BB, and BE. Can you please explain what these are?

        I'm sorry if some of these questions are to 'newbie' but I'm hoping you will help me.

        Thank You for everything you have done and everything you continue to do.

        -Mike Boulet


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            @ Tom C,

            John B mentioned above that you took pictures of the Albert Abrams machine he has, would you be able to post the photos up for the rest of us?

            @ John Bedini,

            Your last post sounds intriguing, do you think you could rewrite it into another one in plain English for the rest of us, please?

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              There hasn't been a lot here in this thread for a little while so I thought I might take it off topic as I have zero to add about Mr. Bedini's bug zapper. I'm a physician from the FDA who told the FDA they shouldn't use the drug company's application as the whole of the review, I'll leave it at that and just say the hits just keep on comin. This was a great blessing in disguise however as I went back with the framework I had and began to look at the medical literature on a wide variety of topics. It is astonishing. I do trust that John Bedini is reporting findings of note. The thing with medical literature is it eventually all boils down to giving a treatment or intervention and seeing if someone gets better or worse (i.e clinical trials). These are sadly lacking (though better than fixed) for a number of reasons for anything related to electromagnetics. So I'll just pass along a few unrelated things these are all overwhelmingly supported in the medical literature (The "financial bias" seems to enter once a threat is percieved though there is generally a lack of funds for unprofitable research to start)

              1) This one is new as in the past 3-5 years. Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) about a half teaspoon a day at least halves the progression of chronic kidney disease. Baking soda was initially looked at in about two dozen studies as a way to cut Ct scan contrast dye (nephropathy) reactions. It worked so well, eventually there were studies looking at it simply in chronic kidney disease. These two or three controlled clinical trials (two controlled clinical trials is the "bar" for FDA approval) were overwhelmingly positive at slowing the progression of kidney disease. Half teaspoon of baking soda costs about 1/3 cent a day. Sodium bicarb, what about the sodium?
              2) A recent very large (dozen MD PHds) study from Europe found increased salt intake more than halved (want to double check that) deaths from heart disease and had little effect on BP. It goes along with previous studies I looked at, will dig out references if anyone requests, but within reason, salt is a health food.
              3) Getting back a little closer to oh wait no, first, honey is per dozens of studies about the best wound dressing possible, it is a tremendous broad spectrum topical (and perhaps oral -though I haven't researched it) anti-viral, anti-microbial.
              4) Okay Vitamin C. There is research published from 70 years ago of a clinician who cured 60 cases of polio in a row with IV vitamin C. He also presented his findings to the AMA, around when Roosevelt was starting the March of dimes... chirp... chirp. IV vitamin C is an astonishingly non-toxic, broad spectrum potent anti-viral, it is also a nearly universal anti-toxin. Again I'm happy to provide references. The issue is dosage. This may (though it has not been formally studied) have been addressed with the recent creation of liposomal vitamin C. Albert Svent-Gyorgi who discovered vitamin C (originally named it "Godnose" as he had no idea what he had found) and got a Nobel for this and other work, became very interested, through free radicals in electromagnetic influences on health. Given the electron transport chain in mitochondria, the polarity of water it certainly appears a neglected area of research. In any event, IV and possibly liposomal vitamin C may do similar things to that which John Bedini reports accomplished, and there is a fair amount of literature to back it up. Oh and vitamin D is good. Vitamin C and D and most people live to 100 and half the disease and suffering is gone, that may not even be an exageration. I used to have a website for all of this and more, but it appears that I will likely spend the next year or two placating the government.

              Alright, in closing, I wish to send along a write-up on vitamin C in cancer but don't know how to link to a local file so will send this along to an administrator. The previous poster mentioned Mr. Bedini as his hero. Now the Desert Father's of (I don't know where Syria maybe) had a saying I read once (I think) where they said if you compliment someone you can lay them open to the attacks of the devil. They may be wrong and I may not have read it right but that is not the point, despite your being my elder, I feel obligated to close with, "screw you John, what the hell do you know anyways, nothing!" If on the outside chance you've heard this maybe 10-100 times more than me, as Rosanna, Rosanna Danna said, Nevermind.


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                Thank you for the above post - will you be making more posts like it as I feel there is a wealth of knowledge waiting to be tapped into?

                Personally I'd love to have physician(s) be part of this or any other group and take interest into electromagnetics (and other non-conventionial methods) because very seldom I see scientists cross the boundaries of their disciplines. They are generally locked in their own field of research, and not generally because they would not want to cross it, but because of whatever vested interests pay the bills.

                Also, since I doubt the rest of us here are qualified physicians, having an expert in the medical field (even GP) could greatly add into further research and understanding of why things happen and how, from all points of view be it electrical or medical.

                I also thought about commenting on your post but I feel I'd be preaching to the choir. Besides, my information is what I read elsewhere on the Web and not really my own. I don't like being a parrot when I can help it. Although some of the things you said come to me as common sense because of my background (place I come from) where these things are known among people (baking soda, honey, etc) and are passed generation to generation.
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                  Good To Have you here.
                  Your right Screw me, but in my years of research I might say with medical doctors, they came to see me for electronics I did not go to them. I can only report what I did find. This is not saying that it will work, just like your drugs do not work in all cases either. So screw you right back. I'm of the opinion to let you have your say here, you might help somebody and maybe not. But your free to speak your mind. On the other hand someone just might make a discovery that does help.
                  John Bedini
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                    Originally posted by ZPDM View Post
                    They may be wrong and I may not have read it right but that is not the point, despite your being my elder, I feel obligated to close with, "screw you John, what the hell do you know anyways, nothing!" If on the outside chance you've heard this maybe 10-100 times more than me, as Rosanna, Rosanna Danna said, Nevermind.
                    So I am going to make the assumption here you were being sarcastic, I will say it is hard with posts to understand if someone is joking or not. I assume you are comiserating with JB not telling him off.

                    Tom C

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                      I believe he was saying that by complimenting someone you can give them a big head which causes arrogance. So he gave the opposite of a compliment.

                      Seemed to be a joke to me, albeit a hard to follow one.


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                        I understand that, just thought that we could get a little more information, I for one am very interested in vitamin C and D and all the Herbs as that is all I ever used my whole life. The medical companies scour the planet for such things, but just read the fine print to find out the side effects.I have also used some of the machines talked about here. I'm hoping on someone making a discovery with electronic healing. I have seen examples under Microscopes of things being destroyed, with Medical doctors sitting right there, I don't take any offence to anything that is said here, it's for your voice here.
                        John Bedini
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                          I apologize John....I was responding to Tom C's post. I should've replied with a quote.


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                            Originally posted by John_Bedini View Post
                            I understand that, just thought that we could get a little more information, I for one am very interested in vitamin C and D and all the Herbs as that is all I ever used my whole life. The medical companies scour the planet for such things, but just read the fine print to find out the side effects.I have also used some of the machines talked about here. I'm hoping on someone making a discovery with electronic healing. I have seen examples under Microscopes of things being destroyed, with Medical doctors sitting right there, I don't take any offence to anything that is said here, it's for your voice here.
                            Same here John. I did study bioelectronics and nuclear medicine back in '80 but all I ever built in this field was an amplifier for measuring potential across the eye. All I use right now is natural remedies. Goldenrod, camomile, propolis, honey, aloe vera - just to name a few have been known for thousands of years. For the past couple of years I also added MMS - activated sodium chlorite to my medicine cabinet.
                            Sodium bicarbonate can bring more benefits by changing our ph. Parasites ( I use this term for bacteria and viruses as well) thrive in slightly acidic environment. Cancers among them. I can write some about vitamin C,D (D3 in particular) but don't want to hijack this thread.
                            Rife and Beck discoveries can give us more control over our own health and should be reincarnated.
                            I'm waiting for audio transformer (we don't have a Radio Shack anymore in Canada) and 18V zener diodes to continue. I have an old electropuncture Russian device from '80 which I've been using to activate or rather stimulate certain receptors. I never attempted to dissect this device .It operates on low DC levels and it came with a map of receptors to be targeted. I can see some similarity with Robert Beck device, while the device you shared shares similarity with heterodyning technique by using modulation of mixed square waves.
                            Everything has its unique resonant frequency and there is a treshold beyond which molecular structure will fall apart. We're electrical beings and each and every process in our body relies on potential difference. There is no need to use Tesla Coil. Low potentials can be effective enough and will not affect any vital processes in negative way.
                            Just my 2 cents.



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                              You’re my hero for having replied after that. The great majority of my nine years at FDA was spent in an office dedicated to evaluating whether drugs for various rare diseases should get promoted with tax breaks and the like. It was only when I brought my head up long enough to say,”wait you can’t do that” that all hell broke loose. Not sure how I stumbled into your work but from my background of evaluating obscure things I had only just read up on and people promoting treatments for such, when I glanced at and heard yours (and Tom Bearden’s) work my first thought was, these people aren’t liars and while they make no sense to me I don’t believe they are incoherent. So I started diddling in electronics where I have no business and have been surprised at how much progress, relatively speaking, I have made based from what you introduced me to. In the back of my mind I guess I suspected you were just exaggerating a bit, I no longer think that is likely the case and to be quite honest it is a bit intimidating, hence I guess the defensiveness of the last post.

                              Re electromagnetics and medicine, first off to be quite honest I don’t think I am yet at the level of being able to speak your language, I mean that sincerely, maybe in a year or two with help. Secondly, physicians often to generally get it wrong it terms of what is actually going on. What is important is did someone get better when such and such was done? There are very few, (though I will look into it) actual trials related to electromagnetic treatments. What stunned me when I had the time to look into the literature is just how much support there is for vitamin/micronutrient/alternative therapies. I’ll try and post some in my response to Amigo.

                              I had a great deal on all this on a website while I was doing consulting work, when the government came back and said, you don’t owe us 7 years you owe us 10 years and if not you owe us the full cost of your medical education and training. It is best not to fight such nonsense or overly speculate about it, so in a month or two I will likely, per my direction, start full time work as a general practitioner on an Indian reservation for a year or so. I felt it best not to continue the website at this time, however, I’d like to send along three newsletters on Vitamin C in cancer, Food dyes and water flouridation as (I hope) a small thank you for the new things you’ve given me to think about and explore.




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                                Tom C,

                                To be honest I think I was just being defensive because I start to take free energy more seriously and it intimidates me. That said one might make light of casual hero worship. I mean TheGooch and you Tom C (and John Bedini) are my heroes but really should I really go beyond this? By the Way, sorry for taking things off topic.