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  • Has anyone used the RPX machine to cure the common cold ? If so what were the results ? Anything else would also be of interest too .
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    • Has anyone cured any disease / virus using the RPX machine ?


      • @Davy Oneness.
        I am also an arduino newbee and would very much appreciate if you could share your sketch for this project. It would be the most cost effective for me to attempt it.
        Thanks in advance.
        John Opio.


        • Originally posted by Jacqui View Post
          Has anyone cured any disease / virus using the RPX machine ?
          I also posted this on another thread but I've just found this one:


          Several months back I had developed a large, egg-like, swelling on my right elbow. After a bit of research I discovered that it was most likely bursitis (swelling of the bursa - a fluid filled sac). Apparently it can be caused by injury, infection, or repeatedly leaning on a hard surface.

          In my case, due to my profession (aircraft maintenance for many years), I suspect the latter.

          It was there for several months and got to be quite large but luckily there was no pain. Anyway, over that period I tried stopping my fairly heavy daily exercise routine, I tried ice packs, and I wore an elbow pad to protect it from further injury at work - none of these resulted in any improvement.

          One day I was reading through the "Reports from Doctors Who Used The Rife Machine On Their Patients" pages on and I found an instance of bursitis being fixed by a Rife machine. Even though I was sure that infection was not the cause in my case, I thought I'd give it a go with the RPX. I gave it a 15 minute session with the electrodes on either side of the elbow (held in place with an elastic bandage).

          Two days later I happened to catch a glance of the elbow in a mirror. I wasn't certain but it looked like the swelling had reduced. I dismissed it at the time as just my imagination, however, a few days later I gave it another RPX session, then another one maybe a week later. Over the next few weeks the swelling completely disappeared and my elbow is now back to normal. No further RPX sessions on the elbow. No re-occurrence of the swelling.

          Coincidence? Maybe, but it's strange that the fix seemed to start just a day or so after the first RPX session AND that none of my other home remedies resulted in any improvement.