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  • Hot Rodding Bedini Bike Wheel

    Hi All,

    Paul Babcock gave an approach for unlimited OU with a bike wheel.
    The video is " They Are All The Same" 2021 Energy Conference.
    I'm going for it!
    I'll post progress for interested parties.
    Presently I'm running 6 air core coils at 2050rpm. One 12" rotor.
    .9A, 48v input. 48v charge bank.
    One must be building to have pertinent info to discuss.

    Keepin' on,

    bro d

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    Hi Brodonh,

    Are you trying for the "54 VW or all the way to the '73 Cuda? LOL As an interested party, I look forward to the posts of your progress.

    Gary Hammond,


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      Hi Gary,
      All the way!
      My down fall in the past has been to be far to eager to scale up.
      But it's still in me to go big and strong.

      I'm going with 2, 11" rotors on one shaft.
      RS was able to hear from PB that he uses single strand coils, #22 wire, 500turns.

      I'm ready to start testing coils for best winding direction and mounting orientation.
      I have experience with battery swapping using using 60A relays and arduino.

      Silicon carbide mosfets present a learning curve that is challenging.

      Gratefully Keepin' on,


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        Hi Brodonh,

        RS was able to hear from PB that he uses single strand coils, #22 wire, 500turns.
        That's good to know. I wondered if single strand #22 wouldn't be a good way to go. Paul didn't say in the video what he used, so I wondered if he didn't use single strand like in his "External Field Interaction Motor". I was also curious from his drawing whether he used the standard SG coil/magnet orientation or went with the ZFM orientation. He obviously wants us to experiment on our own!

        My next project is going to be making a larger attraction motor driving a fluxgate generator on a common shaft. I ordered some silicon carbide mosfets and silicon carbide diodes for it. I also ordered some photo-optic switches to use for the timing. I have had success using regular mosfets and uf diodes on some of my SG builds, but will have to learn the secrets of using the SiC components. I also intend to incorporate flyback recovery and battery swapping in the process. The generator will be used supply a load and/or charge a battery. A different approach but some commonality with your project.

        Gary Hammond,


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          Hi Gary,
          I just wound 500 Turns of #22 on a standard spool that JB used and the shape of the coil is much longer than wide.
          I suspect that a coil that is only a little longer than wide would be better.

          I had a loose mag so I'm waiting for glue to dry.

          Infineon makes sic fets that use a standard driver. Other sicfets require higher voltage driving.

          We can compare note of sic divices.

          Thanks for being here,

          bro d


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            Hi bro d, looking forward to seeing your progress, hopefully you post some pics.

            ‘Dave Wing


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              HI Dave,
              We'll never know which guy in the pic you really are. lol.

              Today I tested a 500T, #22 wire coil and it was warm to the touch at 12v - 650rpm on 12" rotor.
              @ 24v it was too hot after a few minutes. Did get it up to 1000rpm+ and the amp draw at 24v was 1.7.
              The target amp draw at 48v is 1.3 per coil.
              I'm looking into smaller spools for closer H and W of winding. I'll stay with 3/4" bore. With the air cores I can glue wood dowel into the bore for mounting.
              Presently it seems that more windings are required but I'll test the same coil with opto switching for shorter on time and a sic fet.
              be talkin'
              bro d
              PS I'll have pics and links to vids when I have something encouraging.


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                Ha ha bro d, my avatar pretty much sums up that tv show cast.

                Dave Wing


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                  Click image for larger version

Name:	rotor mockup.jpg
Views:	191
Size:	393.6 KB
ID:	74183Hi Guys.
                  Got a lot done today. My 16yr old boy helped and we routed the second set of 4 piece rotor.
                  1/2" HDPE. Mock up pic attached.

                  Have all the coil holder parts cut out and will have those done soon. Pic attached.
                  I made spools with pvc and super glue. The holders are similar to ones that TC made for sale, but these spools are smaller.
                  Single strand #22 wire.

                  I'm planning on having precisely adjustable opto switching with 2 slotted wheels and wide opto interrupter.

                  I have the ends cut out for the frame, the shaft, the bearings, the mags and the rest on order.

                  Don't know the number of turns with coils yet.

                  Got to get the switching in place first.

                  HDPE glue is $$!

                  Always Grateful,

                  bro d
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                    Hi Bro don,

                    Lookin' good!

                    Gary Hammond,


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                      Hi All,
                      Having a very difficult time with this forum. It won't allow me to do much of anything most of the time.
                      Aaron says his end is working perfectly.

                      I have glued the spacers and mags in the rotors with HDPE special glue.

                      Will assemble tomorrow.

                      Made trigger wheels for opto switching. two of them to adjust gap.
                      No trigger cct yet. Keepin' on.

                      bro d
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                        Hi Guys,
                        Rotors spin nice. 5/8" shaft, slight balance issues.
                        The big ears on top the frame ends will accommodate a 2 x 10 for bracing.
                        Plenty of room under the rotors for "electronical" stuff.
                        The coil holders are all done and ready to wind.
                        I have a 60A, arduino based, 2 bank battery swapper ready to hook up.

                        Plenty to do.

                        bro d


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                          Click image for larger version

Name:	SIX COILS.jpg
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Size:	448.5 KB
ID:	74193
                          smoke test soon.
                          forum is a serious waste of my time trying to post.
                          bro d


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                            Nice. Can't wait to see the end result. Keep going.


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                              Hi All,
                              Finished the frame with dbl thick .75" MDF on sides, top and bottom.
                              Made adjustable opto sw holder. Can adjust trg wheel with screw on collar and also opto sw location on the fly.
                              Made spacers to hold collars against bearings so shaft won't move horizontally.
                              Had to bore out a tube. Very grateful for for mill drill lathe.
                              Have opto cct that tests well on a board so time to wire it up and get the smoke out of it.
                              bro d

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	20230526_120028.jpg
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ID:	74196 Click image for larger version

Name:	adj opto sw 2.jpg
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Size:	528.8 KB
ID:	74197