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  • Joe's RPG Replication

    Hi All,

    Wanted to let yall know I am replicating the latest RPG design shown at the 2022 conference. I just got my 1.25" STAINLESS steel shaft (yes I brought a magnet with me!). I have a 3d Printer big enough to print a mold for an 11" rotor and accompanying stator case. I understand I'm using fast mosfets and the new diodes (I am currenty using the diodes on a small 4 coil sg build and they work great). All the magnets on Mike's rotor are south facing out which leads be to belive this is not a Bedini-Cole switch config like it is with the ZFM? I'm going to start with a single mosfet driver and blow that up then go from there.......unless it is a case where the RPG actually runs in a combined push and pull situation?

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    Forgot to add, wondering what ppl think of using plaster of paris instead of epoxy for the rotor? (Budget considerations)


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      leaning now more toward concrete for the rotor and will be using igbt for the driver device, building a smaller test rotor will update more in a week or two


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        Joe, have you watched all of Mike's presentations?

        Both plaster and concrete would be accidents waiting to happen - only use the epoxy.

        Can you post pics of what you have done so far?
        Aaron Murakami

        You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ― Richard Buckminster Fuller


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          Hey Aaron,

          I have watched so far:

          Paul's "They Are All The Same Sg vs. RPG"
          Mike's "Reactive Power Generator - Part 4"
          Mike's "Trials & Triumphs of The Reactive Power Motor Generator"

          My wording above is a bit undescript. I was thinking of the 3d printed mold being part of the rotor to help keep the thing together. Basically a 3d printed shell, 1/2 on inch thick filled with plaster or epoxy.

          So far I just have the 1.25 stainless axel