Oil Furnace Ran On Water 1950's

Manuscript delivered to Patent office was approved, but redone to Patent, to only allow 50% efficiency increase of oil furnace by addition of steam from water line to spray nozzle. Military soldiers off duty during 1950's collected used jeep oil to burn in used oil furnace. They attached water line SS tubing coil in insulated fire pot and by monitoring temperature point would open valve for T fitting to allow steam line mixed in. The steam had been changed to super heated steam with flame on coil. At 1500 degrees F, the oil valve was shut off , allowing A Hydrogen and Oxygen torch flame to continue. Furnace provided constant heat unless water line shut down. If temperature then was reduced, then oil had to restart furnace to get it back up to proper temperature. Motor had dual shafts for 2 oil pumps for 90lbs. each. The highly sensitized H2O at great pressure was subjected to vibration shockwave when exiting pinpoint hole nozzle to AMBIENT. The gases separated and burned with the 10Kv ignition. The lowered dissociation temperature of steam was realized, rather than normal 3-5000 degrees F. A much smaller working burner unit with fire brick surround in large box was shown to senator in under ground parking garage. No further news came afterwards.