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  • New Pulsed DC research project

    Hi everyone,

    As a retired physicist, I’m some way into starting a research project on generating Browns gas using a DC pulsed Electrolyser in the style of Stan Meyer.

    His work was replicated by Dave Lawton in the UK over 10 years ago and I am in touch with Dave, who is now in his 80s, to revitalise his pulsed system to see how it works with a larger Electrolyser than Dave did his original CoP tests on.

    In that test, with a small cell, he got a CoP of 3.5 but that is based on the energy of conventional Hydrogen production alone. If one adds in the energy available from the so-called 'Watergas' that is allegedly produced, then the value will be much higher.

    I am sharing this work openly and progress during the build along with results and developments. Some useful files related to the work so far are at:

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    Thanks for sharing this. I have not reviewed your appended material yet and look forward to doing so. It may be for all the questions the answers is look at the drop box material. However, 1) when you are referring to CoP are you speaking of electrical joules in compared to caloric heat joules out from combustion of H2 and/or hydroxy? 2) I am guessing you are aiming for a specific pulse rate or frequency perhaps looking to utilize a resonant frequency of the O-H bond? 3) Are you using pulses or sine waves or other? 4) Are you using a direct spike or wave from from a DC power source or a "radiant" spike off an inductor? 5) Are you using special plate material or plate preparation? 6) Are you using KoH or a different electrolyte? Sorry to be a Gatlin Gun, especially when I have not yet reviewed the provided material. Am looking forward to this.


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      Hi ZPDM,

      Its early days in that I am still building the Electrolyser and the circuit and so the docs on my shared folder are by no means complete.

      I shall endeavour to give answers to all your questions:

      1: Yes basically the energy available from burning the released Hydrogen divided by the electrical energy inputted. However this does not take into account the potential energy held by the Watergas particles, the so-called Energy Enhancement, so the real CoP will be significantly larger.

      2: The circuit being prepared is an auto tuning one that hunts down the resonant frequency and locks on to it. If that should change due to thermal coefficients for example then it will shift to keep it locked on with its sampling sweep. This is a key feature of Dave Lawton’s circuit and one I have resurrected as a PCB to make replication by myself (and potentially others) easier.

      3&4: Square wave at typically 50% duty cycle but the back emf pulses from the coil will change what actually hits the WFC so as yet I have no data.

      5: I’m using 316 stainless steel plates and will undertake a conditioning process to prepare the electrode surface. I will experiment with KOH electrolyte as well as no electrolyte and also distilled water and rainwater. Distilled water is about £0.5/l about the same price as LPG so ideally I’d like to use freely available water so long as it does not crud up the system.

      There are plenty of variables to explore during the project including plate separation but whatever works best will be written up and posted here, and probably elsewhere, for anyone to replicate as they wish. That information will include parts lists, component suppliers and costings.

      I hope that addresses your questions

      'Consciousness came First'


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        A quick update on progress:

        The specially designed PCB has been received and is nearing completion ready for testing. The electrolyser and plates have been assembled and are nearly ready for the extensive cleansing and conditioning process.

        At the right time the PCB production (Gerber) files will be placed on the shared area for anyone to order it. They are amazingly cheap with the international postage costing more than the boards.

        If anyone would like a tour of the facility where they are made (JLCPCB) then here is a recent one. It's surprising what goes into making a PCB:

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          As an aside I have finally managed to track down the 1995 Channel 4 (UK) documentary called 'It runs on water'' featuring Meyer and two others whose work 'defies' mainstream science. A very well balanced documentary that suggests we are on the edge of a revolution involving ZPE. I have downloaded it to keep it safe and is a must-see 51min video.

          I have placed it in the 'Video' subfolder on my shared folder for this work at:

          You can download it from there and pass around as needed.

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            Hi Jules,

            Are you familiar with Walt Jenkins' discoveries as revealed at H2 Global? He studied Stan Myers' work very closely, and then went way beyond what Stan was doing. His process doesn't involve electrolysis at all, but rather it mimics what takes place in a thunder cloud. He has presented lectures at two different Energy Science and Technology Conferences which are both available from Emediapress. But for the latest info you can go on his web page at He's getting close to launching this technology into the international market.

            Gary Hammond,


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              Hi Gary,

              Sounds really good. I will check it out. Has he experienced any suppression as so many websites and reports since 2007 have vanished and many proposals around that time that some version of a device was soon to come to market just vanished.

              but then we live in very different times now with planetary crises so maybe the path will be easier?

              I know the video I posted at the end of my thread is old but it gives a good overview of the ‘tension’ between the engineer and mainstream science and I think I will put a separate post about it in the Water fuel section.

              Incidentally, I wrote to Aaron with the news that on July 11th Patrick Kelly died here in the UK as I thought that, given Patrick’s contribution over many years to free energy work and information dissemination, he might want to make an announcement about it but he has not replied. Perhaps you could pass the news on.


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                Hi Jules,

                Has he experienced any suppression as so many websites and reports since 2007 have vanished and many proposals around that time that some version of a device was soon to come to market just vanished.
                Yes. He's had a lot of suppression and his website has been attacked several times. But he is still moving forward in spite of all the attacks.

                Sorry to hear about Patrick Kelly.

                Gary Hammond,


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                  Hi Gary,

                  At least he and his team have a set of patents and are in contact with various companies around the world.

                  Having looked at their website I recognise the engine demo using 5ml of gasoline. I wondered what had happened to that research and now, in reading my way through M King’s book ‘Water: The key to New Energy’ it all joins up.

                  Im still happy to persue the earlier tech of pulsed resonant Electrolyser as that is something that can be replicated by many without treading on IP toes for these latest technologies.

                  'Consciousness came First'


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                    Hi all,

                    This is an update of progress with my electrolyser and related builds towards the overall aim of assembling the most efficient HHO and plasmoid generator so that an electrical generator can be run in a closed-loop mode. This will serve to demonstrate that additional energy is being brought into the system.

                    I have constructed the following, and which I will comment on further below:
                    • A multi-plate (Series-Parallel configuration) electrolyser
                    • A small single cell test electrolyser (for use with either parallel or cylindrical electrodes)
                    • Two custom power supplies (2-24V and 45-75V)
                    • Auto tuning pulsing unit (using Dave Lawton's/Patrick Kelly's circuit design)
                    • An output flow meter to measure gas production.

                    With the large electrolyser, I have been undertaking the onerous cleansing stage but after a total of 80 hours of operation, involving 20 cycles of 4 hours each, and changing the electrolyte for each session, the discolouration of the fluid continues. To keep the current at around 4-6A with a 12V DC supply, the concentration of KOH was reduced to 0.15% w/w. The fact that this red-brown precipitate continues to appear makes me concluded that it is not a result of something, like Chromium, being drawn out of the plates, but instead a chemical reaction of the KOH electrolyte during electrolysis. I am tempted to send a sample away to be analysed.

                    The notion in the various blogs that this precipitate will eventually stop appearing seems unfounded in my case so I have resorted to the technique used by Dave Lawton who advises me that I should apply 60V to the cell with distilled water only and run the cell for 30 min periods and then rest it for a few hours, and then repeat. This is conditioning the water more than the plates and I am starting to try this method on my small test cell that I have assembled, using a Kilner jar for ease of access. What I find works with this can be applied to the larger electrolyser.

                    The two customer power supplies are such that the 0-24V one can be used alone to run a cell in the low or 12V range, and it can also be used to supply the other PSU which outputs 45-75V for the conditioning stage. Once conditioning has been completed, and the gas output has noticeably increased, only then will I use the pulsing unit to supply the cell. In part, the small cell was constructed to test the pulsing unit - which it has been shown to work in ramping up frequency and output, but I need to scope it fully to see what is happening to the waveforms and of course its effect on gas production using the 'dielectric' process.

                    The flow meter uses the displacement method and has been calibrated to indicate when 500cc of gas has been produced to an accuracy of around 1%. Using a stop watch and a simple calculation, the output in lpm can be derived.

                    That is progress so far and related photos are at: (There seems to be a site error when I try to attach pics)

                    I have also included there a paper by Moray King entitled 'Is water the key to new energy' and who argues convincingly that the anomalous energy coming from HHO gas is not fully explained by the burning of Hydrogen but involves cohering ZPE via the charged water clusters. He goes into this in some depth and his theory is supported by various practical work including that of Walt Jenkins of who is developing an engine to run on water vapour alone in what is in effect a plasmoid engine. This is the leading edge of R&D in this area but it is being heavily suppressed and their site has been attacked many times and is currently suspended. I include one of their docs (H2 Global Report) for those who are interested.

                    If anyone would like more details of the design or builds of any of these constructions then I will happily provide them. When the day comes when I have a fully functioning system, I will provide full disclosure for others to replicate.


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                      Thanks for the updates, I am following your work.
                      How are your experiments ongoing for the solidstate SG?

                      Kind regards,


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                        I started reading about Hydrogen generators methodolgies a long time ago. I knew it was extremely important. It all started when I discovered the tech data about the work of John Keely in Philadelphia, Pa, back in the 1800's. He was easily able to produce Hydrogen and Oxygen from water with recurring vibrations presented to cavity resonators. The Snell Manuscript and Keely And His Discoveries and Universal laws Never Before Revealed: Keely's Secrets. Inharmonic Thirds frequency with the main resonant frequency of water cavity. Back then it was tuning forks and amplifing resonators. In back section of book was something that amazed me. Keely said" After a hundred expulsion tests of water cavity resonator of Disintegrator machine, I was puzzeled to find a gummy residue substance left in chamber!" In our time, we now know it as DUTERIUM / HEAVY WATER, which is about 1 per 5000 molecules of tap water. The frequencys mixture did not affect that substance and accumulated in his tiny steel sphere chamber! Mr. Pond of his SVP website sells Keely reprinted documents.


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                          There were 5 types of Meyer hydrogen cells. You must know these RIGHT OFF , or you have not done enough reviews of his work. I saw your example cells on bench photo. Efficiency increases you should be working on, have to do with the 4th multiple short pipes and and fifth Injector cell. The fourth is less expensive, and less complicated. Several important pages are in "The Water Fuel Cell Invention Of Stan Meyer- Integrity Research institute", "The Birth Of new Technology Water Fuel Cell Technical Brief," and "Water Fuel Cell-WFC Dealership Sales Manual". There is important data pages within not seen in the issued Patents. Also one of his regular knowegable technicians later went to Canada and filed Patent on Hydrogen generator with use of magnetic field of coil. By flipping pages back and forth one can see it was possible for high voltage to be on ground electrodes, flyback effect with diode! See Hydrostar manual on line circuit or ($10 CD, Booklet, etc. ). Xogen Power Incorp. Chambers- 6126794. There is also a computer online small circuit that keeps the charging frequency to match the constant changing frequency of water capacitor cell. Meyer's voltage transformer contained secondary resistance wire- not copper magnet wire, and was wound in BIFILAR method. See also very fast Hydrogen gas one way check valves, and water bubbler safety can with pop off top that protects expensive gas cell. Meyer's brother was promoting selling Hydrogen fuel at automotive gas stations. Patented.


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                            The coil inductor was to hook to electrode , for the reverse flyback ," high voltage" pulse applied, minimum 1500v. The Meyers cell was that way, and Chambers Patent was similar. Chambers used to work for Meyer in Ohio, Water Fuel Cell Co. More hydrogen was generated at way less power. Multiple short concentric SS tubes. Pulse modulation - on time with more % off time for bubbles generation. The Hydrostar circuit is the Xogen Chambers design in Canada.