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S1R9A9M9 "special relays" used on water conversion cars and Briggs engine

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  • S1R9A9M9 "special relays" used on water conversion cars and Briggs engine

    Enclosed, please find pictures on my latest sub assembly. Nathren’s Original dual relays , that were supposed to be used on traffic signal boxes, were used on auto 4cyl, 6cyl, and 8 cyl engines. Only the original sets of relays with EGR allowed the engines to rev up and operate load applied and run smoothly. Homemade electronics and ALSO purchased relays did not allow smooth running. The shop gave up about 2012 according to website Waterengine1978. That means the shop technicians were NOT any better than you and me. Even 2 more helpers were hired at that time. The car circuits used 1 relay coil with high volts, and the 110vDC went through 1 relay coil and onto the engine spark plug. Wire coils are only about 1 ohm resistance. That’s why plugs were 6000 ohms as electrical load. The signal lights were 0-6-12 volt auto bulbs behind colored lenses. The car spark plugs do not allow the small coils to burn out! The 7 amps listed is PEAK volts as on garage oscilloscope reading, not average or rms amps, so the actual current is much lower. The Briggs 18HP engine in 2008 used the S1r coils assembly, diodes, and 1 set relays inside the plastic tub on side of engine. The high voltage went through 2 coils in series (he said so) and through the magnetic field of S1r coil electromagnet. This was to extend the timing past TDC, because mower engines have factory set timing. Mower engine is Zero ohms spark plug, however, my on going circuit for 12HP is about 2.6 ohms on about 15V DC input which will protect both coils. The website showed size of coil windings and gauge of wire . My calculations showed about 4-4.5 MH and about 1 ohm of coils each. These INDUCTORS can be purchased in any size. The new sub assembly will have to wait to be tested as the ignition high volts is not completed yet. My intermediate hand made transformer with Stens trigger is working+ needs to be tested with pre 1982 magneto coil for much higher AC pulse volts, so as diode output would be lowered to about 12KV POSITIVE DC. I’m using positive DC for better control + no shocks. Mower engines are Negative ignition volts with positive ground. The sparks jump upwards. My 2 ohm protection diodes bank uses the old style TV Damper diodes which have way less forward waste volts, but have to be used on circuits with less than 15% duty cycle, and the magnet DOES go around the flywheel and fires in that range, so they can be used to save energy drawn from input power. The vacuum chamber assists the DC INPUT Tesla type magnetic spark gap ( N+S) which produces small amount of Radiant energy that will follow conductors to plug. The vacuum prevents outward loss of energy stream into normal air. The return neg HI V. pulses can follow around and back up to inductor coils just like inverse parallel diodes on relays. This could be another reason why Nathrens circuits BUILT, had electrical interference if diodes were not included. Please write back so I know you got my message and pictures.
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