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Restarting my HHO - Please help with PWM design

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  • Restarting my HHO - Please help with PWM design


    Pressed by the gasoline prices I am once again motivated to utilize and fix in place my "Batt Cell" HHO. This time I'm going to fit it into my wife's little car which has a 1.0 liter petrol engine in hopes of getting better mileage (and then some) than I got with it on my old 3L diesel Vigo/hilux truck. I read a hydrogen electrolysis scientific paper by a couple of scientists from India and the gentlemen did some tests by pulsing DC at 100 mhz (if I read it right!) and then with the data they plotted a graph for comparison versus conventional DC and the results are astonishing. SM dc pulse train comes to mind.

    I am sold on high frequency DC pulsing and therefore I intend to build and use a PWM this time. I've got 555 chips, LM324 quad op amp, hexfets, 7810 voltage regulator and access to a boat load of other electronics in a nearby TV repair shop that my friend owns. I've been viewing various PWM schematics on line and, since electronic design is still a weakness I have, I could use help from a kind soul to point me in the right direction.

    Last but not least I have another improvement that I wish to implement along the way. I have nearly finished building two sizable toroidal transformer cores with soft iron wires, like the ones intended to use for the SG coil, and I plan to experiment with a bi-toroid xmfr with addition of cleverly placed (or rather shamelessly copied from a expired patent) permanent magnets which should productively tweak the magnetic flux flow of the system while giving careful consideration to core saturation and flux leakage. I know iron isn't that good a material as compared to the latest materials being used in experiments of this kind these days but the patent seems worth a try.

    I might try TiO2 or similar coatings on the plates to improve efficiency with the tubular "joe cell" design sometime later this summer.

    P.S.: I can also use any advice with (purified) biogas or hydrogen compression / storage for use on a vehicle. Would it work with a reciprocating or rotary compressor meant for refrigeration or air conditioning? My wife's car has a CNG kit with a sturdy big cylinder installed into it and it seems like a waste of space if I don't utilize it in some clever way especially since I have a large biogas production available at my farm (as I posted in another video) that is also running a 6.5kva gasoline generator as well as heating my house and powering my kitchen cooking range. I don't really need to fill it all the way to 300 bar pressure, even 20 bar or so would make my trips to school free. I could also generate hydrogen at home with some spare energy from my 2kw solar array and compress it into that car's cylinder. All help is highly appreciated.

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    Look for Bob Boise (sp) 3 wave mixer info for doing what you want....

    JB's 6 wave mixer sch posted here: does a similar wave mixing, but for a different purpose


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      RS_ thank you for that. It looks great and it would be much easier for me to understand it if I knew what it was for. I combed JB's site but wasn't able to find the relevant device. Its not some special infra red or other kind of wave emitter for medical treatment is it? I think I'll have to travel to a city to find that H11AA1 chip.


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        Restarting my HHO Please help with PWM design

        compressed inner rubber tubing seal instead of the o ring design?

        Just like the o ring design with cable ties or fingers, but with a section of rubber that gets compressed into the nozzle ID while engaging the ties/fingers to the nozzle flange?


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          Here is a useful document by one of the leading physicists in this area of water as fuel - Moray B King. Lots of useful ideas to get the best out of an Electrolyser.

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