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Feedback- The undiscovered potential of Free Energy!

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  • Feedback- The undiscovered potential of Free Energy!

    Many have come before us, but few have utilized the most potent energy conversion tool of all time- that is the power of positive feedback!
    I am not talking about some forgotten method of reclaiming back-EMF. I am speaking of what is commonly known as gratitude.
    I write this, in all sincerity, that we must never take for granted those that came before us and showed us the path forward.
    I wish to thank those whom have helped and inspired me. I wish to thank those who made me think, so hard and so long, as to loose sleep some nights.
    I found my gratitude when I caught myself loosing sleep at night thinking about possibility's and not feeling powerless about the future. POWERLESS!
    GET it? Powerless :-) ? PUN INTENDED!

    Here is my current thankful list:

    Nicola Tesla - The wellspring
    Gerry Vassilatos - Teslas Rosettastone
    Dr. Peter Lindemann - Putting the pieces together
    COl. Tom Bearden (RET) - The "BIG" picture
    John Bedinni - Countless examples
    And, so many others!

    Thank you all!