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Peter Lindemann Rotary Attraction Motor

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    Hi Yaro,

    Thanks for the kind words!

    I also appreciate your dedication and experience as well! Kudos to both you and James for all your work with the zero force motor replications!
    Sorry I missed the conference, but I intend to order the video of your presentation and most of the other videos as well.

    After running and demonstrating the modified attraction motor several times, it unexpectedly blew the FET while I was showing it to my grandson. I replaced the FET and it blew again after a few more runs. Both times it blew was on start up under load after swapping batteries. So I went back to the MJL21194 and it runs with that, but not as well. I assume that's because of the higher impedance of the BJT type device. I probably wasn't driving the FET hard enough? Need to revisit the trigger circuit.

    This replication was just to see if I could get results similar to what Peter got, and I was pleased with that. I have some ideas for a different design attraction motor I want to build from scratch using a multifilar coil like used in the SSG. More to come later. On vacation with my wife right now celebrating 50 years of marriage.


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      Hello Gary
      I have thinkigh about Your Mosfet, do You driving your mosfet by driver?
      You use FlyBack method like in Flyback converters. If the gate capacitance (gate source) is doscharge very slow - the Miller Plato or resistance will be change very slow to0, that will be heat the FET...
      The general problem p Bedini, Numan and other kind motors with BEMF is the peoblem of flyback converters and commutation.This mean why the flyback converters not use in big curent cource. But show the pricnciples for investor mey be anough, but for real work it's no the best solution.