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Dumas's Sphere: instant water boiler secret now revealed, OU, AND reproducible !!! :)

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    Originally posted by bob smith View Post
    I have my doubts as to whether this is really about the amount of voltage hitting the sphere + half sphere combination. Might it not be more to do with the voltage supplied is arriving as AC?
    YEs, AC. DC does not produce the effect, as per Jean-Christophe Dumas.


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      Originally posted by bob smith View Post
      Hi Folks,

      I was stumbling by accident of this thread, and was wondering if this is not warmup of a invention from a New Zealand Feller, who was struggling his whole life to get a patent for his invention but it was never granted to him.

      But may look for your self!

      Love and Light

      You are right, Dumas 's Sphere and Peter Davey 's have *some* similarities.


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        Originally posted by wrtner View Post
        Peter Daysh Davey was awarded a New Zealand patent, back in the 60s, I think. The basis of his invention is the tuning of the bells to the fr3quency (usually an octave of it) of the mains AC voltage. There are all sorts of reasons why this might work.

        The Dumas idea seems to be Davey without the tuning.
        A patent for Mr Davey would have allowed people to compare the two systems, which have similarities. But such plans were never disclosed, nor a patent. However, it it false to say one is inspired by the other, since Mr Dumas has never been aware of Mr Davey's about his own invention. His invention has been disclosed to the public to make it non pantentable, to avoid its suppression, as for many others in the past, and to drive the world to a new Paradigm; which comprises the desalinization of sea water. As such, all technical details have been *offered for free* to you...
        And the two systems have similarities ; like the two D of their respective inventors...
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          Originally posted by Bung-ee View Post
          But such plans were never disclosed, nor a patent
          New Zealand Patent No. 92428.
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            Originally posted by wrtner View Post
            New Zealand Patent No. 92428.
            AWEsome contribution !
            If I can understand that those
            courageous and curious contributors did NOT even have access to this patent document at the time !


            However it appears somewhat different from the ball system we all saw on the videos...

            Anyway, that is really highly contributing...thanks for sharing...Werner !!


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              aony speak french ? i tried !...

              lindermans COP 17 ansile heater works great, i got COP 10 using PWM and basic generic components, great stuff, please support my development into a product



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                Originally posted by View Post
                aony speak french ? i tried !...

                lindermans COP 17 ansile heater works great, i got COP 10 using PWM and basic generic components, great stuff, please support my development into a product

                Hi Is this the Rosemary Ansile COP18 heater with MOSFET Based heater...
                'Wisdom comes from living out of the knowledge.'


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                  Hi Tom and others.

                  I have been running with this system on my roof for years.
                  You can pour sea water (bucket fed) directly into it and get fresh clean distilled water.
                  on a sunny day it will put out more than 10L of pure water disinfected by the sun.
                  Its light weight, free standing, uses no power and provides clean cheap pure water.
                  There are many other uses for it but im sure you can read.

                  Originally posted by Tom C View Post
                  Vacuum distillation experimenters kit:


                  Tom C
                  Cant spend it when your dead.


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                    Originally posted by Bung-ee View Post
                    Hi Tom C, all contributors, I'm taking Peter Lindeman's forum topics for two reasons :
                    - 1st, I learned a lot from his video about the electrical motors, his article about colloidal silver which allowed me to kick start on this before discovering Robert C. Beck and even clarifying the purity of silver question;
                    - 2nd, the heat application that can be used from what follows, since this is related to Peter's saving home energy ebooks he sells;
                    - 3rd the OU.

                    I have the pleasure to let you know that a great inventor, by the name of Jean-Christophe Dumas, has released , april 2014 in public, the secret of a non-patent mechanism of instant water boiling (less than 10 seconds) with a 500-600 watts input.
                    The effect has been expertised by independant researchers as authentic and demonstrating a 116 percent Over unity efficicency.
                    Two immediate applications :
                    - Potential Cheapest home heater
                    - Water desalinizer of unprecedented efficiency.

                    I am currently building one such machine , quick, easy, and not dangerous.

                    A collective association of researchers have built up around the inventor to deliver this to the world, for free.
                    They call it revolution, I do so too.

                    The facebook page

                    the inventor's home page

                    youtube presentation of the principle :

                    two inventor's interviews:

                    This has been reported in the local newspapers, and aired on the TV regional.
                    Most, the OU has been independently measured and observed.

                    The effect has been named the Dumas bowl or the Dumas effect and is related directly as per assumptions to Pr. Casimir 's effect.

                    It is also similar looking to Peter Davey's machine, for some of it's specifications.

                    This is a , IMHO, 100 percent hoax free research project you can step in right now.

                    Have a lot of luck and let's share results as soon as the first replications will start !

                    Have a gr8888 day !!
                    Hi Bung ee,
                    First of Thanks a lot for sharing this is here!!!
                    Look, most of the High-Gradient effects (electric Field Gradient) like Meyer Electrolysis, His Resonant Steam generator and or a Plasma Spark system utilize the same mechanism.. however feel here in the Dumas effect is a crude set of what Stan meyer did in a more methodical way (Steam resonator). I also feel the perforation on the top of the outer metal hemisphere has a common function with what is called as the perforated drum heaters another Overunity water heater.
                    I do'nt see Casimir Effect has any relevance here, but if you are able to explain as to what is at work should hint you to use DC field instead of the AC Field carryout 'Electrolysis'(split HHO) instead of 'Thermolysis' (sorry just a term) but in this would still need the Radiant and not straight DC. what is significant here is the geometry (configuration)..there are other intricacies like why not use a Bulk sphere and or have water filled in the sphere..?? why shouldn't the size exceed more than that of a foot ball..?
                    The Inventor speculates the DANGER of Scalar like interaction and urges the experimenter to work in the presence of others..(sounds similar to the Joe cell effects)
                    we need to replicate it,followed by improvements..
                    and better the COP.
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                    'Wisdom comes from living out of the knowledge.'


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                      Thanks for sharing this, but this site won't come up for me