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Tesla Hair-Pin Circuit For Radiant Energy Useage?

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  • Tesla Hair-Pin Circuit For Radiant Energy Useage?

    The Tesla Hair-Pin circuit for Radiant Energy may be useful in decision making for electrical circuits with inductors. For example, in 2006-20012 Georgia, a succession of dual coil switching relays were specifically used with in series HIGH VOLTAGE IGNITION during the Hydrogen car conversions and Briggs mower engine running on water in carbs. There was also water vapor pressure generated along with the Hydrogen gas at spark plug electrolysis. The High volts went through diode for half wave DC high frequency through spark gap (internal contacts of relay) , passing through two 1.5 Millihenry inductors , to spark plugs. The 3 multiple in series spark gaps, includes the distributor rotor gap along with the other two, insures the plugs as non fouling. The adjacent coil's magnetic field-from 38v pulsing 7 amps was in vicinity of the internal gaps , so as mimiking the Tesla Magnetic Spark Gap. (The low volts also went through coils of relay with exterior diodes after Box 400W Inverter to 110vAC.) The resulting WHITE SPARK Radiant Energy - not purple, red, or blue, would then flow down the wires, increasing efficiency, to spark plug without dissipating , due to bakelite relays being in sealed vacuum as best insulator. See S1R9A9M9 related Tech data and You Tube videos. His 1978 El Camino reported to get 18MPG water with EGR applied . There was 1HP loss for every 5HP. The mower engine can be seen self running on the alternator DC under the flywheel, battery disconnected, on You Tube video, and one relay with his triple timing coils, is in plastic tub of engine. Nathren had said those 15 discontinued Power Co. traffic signal pole service box AC electromechanical relays he purchased as surplus, were worth their weight in Gold!
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