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Window Motor starts then holds stationary very strong

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  • Window Motor starts then holds stationary very strong

    Hi All,

    I got the Small Window Motor from r-charge with the circuit assembled - I just soldered the four wires on and put the magnets together. Anyway, when I power it on, the motor spins for a moment (makes a thummmpp sounds) then stays locked in one place. The magnets are very hard to turn so obviously part of the circuit is working, I'm guessing just not the "on/off" part. Thinking it was a defective component, I actually ordered new components (with the exception of the circuit board) and desoldered the old ones, soldered on the new ones. I connect it back up - same issue. I'll attached some video showing it happening.

    Any advice you can provide would be appreciated. I'm quite new to electronics though I've read the SG Beginners manual a couple of times, and the issue still eludes me.

    Thanks very much
    Click image for larger version

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    what power supply are you using, and what are you charging?

    also no offence, nut your soldering is a bit shonkey, there are some youtube tutorials on soldering that should help you, and a little flux goes along way towards making neat joints. you have alot of solder on there and its not flowwed very well into the joints this could be the problem.

    goodluck with your build, the window motor is a great little tool

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      Hi bigmother,

      I know I'm not the best solderer - need to practice

      I'm using 2 x 15AH 12V SLA, but even with just the primary battery attached it has the same error. Can you tell me, in the picture, which is the correct area for the "right-side #29"? the black and white photocopied photo was to blurry to see correctly where it is pointing to.



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        that little thing is running the SG circuit, (without John's permission, they have been told to stop selling it) so you need to trace each component, make sure there are no shorts, and make sure your trigger winging is connected correctly.

        Tom C

        experimental Kits, chargers and solar trackers


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          Window Motor starts then holds stationary very strong

          For now i would go with the 280 and the 300 motor, and later on down the road then go with the 400...........the 280 and 300 are about the same diameter and depending on the motor the 280 can be in a short can like the trinity motor that was linked too.