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    Hi all,

    I'm new here on the forum, so let me introduce myself, I'm Jp from urcoffeetastestoasty.
    It's been a few years of building little motors now. (imhotep, muller, mike hmm, etc )
    The motors I have built are based on concepts found in the free energy generation book.
    If you are interested in the older urcoffeetastestoasty builds, here's a few videos: --> motor marathon & motor codes
    I also have a website:

    Now I'm working on a spintop with axial type, but still air core coils.
    This is the setup plan:
    It has 4 generator coils of quad-filer wire, each two in series and 10 meters per strand of 0,3mm wire
    The motor is 2 coils in series and a single strand of 40 meters 0,3mm wire.
    A trigger wire is wound together with one of the motor coils and is 0,1mm of 20 meter.
    The bearings are s623zz, very smooth.

    There are 3 special biased trigger coils (which are: two triggers in series at 90 degree phase angle.)
    These special trigger coils will separate the pre-charge, charge and discharge cycle as well as the generator timings.
    The point is to store the radiant and pre-charge the run capacitor before the battery fills it up.
    The generator is timed for incoming magnets and will be oscillated using a joule thief on the trigger.
    Additionally it has small copper tubes as rollers, the copper is induced by the rotor and starts rotating itself.

    I hope you like it!

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    Hi all,

    Yes, we all know that the oil man has toasty coffee and we like it that way!

    So I am looking for a way to get the generator coils to produce multi-spikes at minimum of 9 volts to match the battery.
    I tested full wave rectifier on the trigger and it would not light up the 'base joule thief', cuz thats how I want to trigger the avalanche.
    I figured in theory, having 2 transistors parallel, 2x base to emittor(mirrored) and common collector, would trigger the gen at a full-wave.
    the actual trigger coil is a biased one, so it only fires at the incoming magnets.
    I hope it works, I will still need to test this idea.

    Ideas are very welcome indeed!


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      Ok I've tested several ways and found that only half of the wave works.
      So some little spikes can be caught, but not everything.


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        I drew a few more circuits of which two I have tried on a simulator.
        I still have no idea if this will work as a ac switch and this would also require two joule thief/penny oscillators.
        here is an image of the idea on the simulator.


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          The circuit works, as in, both penny oscillators are on and the leds turn on etc.
          The small transformer is at the collector side(unlike the schematic) and works as well.

          The down side is the unresponsive trigger coil. the biased trigger coils cancel out each other by just a little too much. On the other hand they do seem to control the timings.
          I had to run it on 12 volt to show this actually works; outputs from all sides :S.

          This circuit would also be cool with other larger generators, escpecially if triggered by its own ac-wave, just thinking ahead.


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            Hi guys,
            Here's a video about the ac spike generator.

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              The trigger is much longer now.
              The 9Vbattery in the video is quickly charged up using and 12V battery with a penny oscillator in between(good charging, I was surprised)
              Alternator spikes are puny but steady.


              P.s. Can someone explain:
              I run the rotor counter clockwise and the stator as well, isn't it supposed to go clockwise because stator pushes against the rotor, no?
              Anyway the other way its unstable because gyrations cancel out each other.
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                in this video I explain the final version of the spike generator( much more simple)

                This is the latest video:

                you can see it works very desirable.
                thanks for watching.


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                  Hi guys,

                  This will be the last video on this motor, I learned alot.
                  You can see how this circuit can loop the radiant energy back to the run cap.
                  Also notice with 9V to 5V battery this circuit produce much less output, crap.
                  Still interesting circuit, especially if you imagine the possible variations.

                  If you watch all videos you also see how the motor generates a lot of output,
                  better maybe even than the previous discussed ac spike gen.
                  probs due to the different oscillation frequency.
                  p.s. Im going to work on a superior battery charging energizer in the very near future.


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                    Hi guys,

                    On the other forum I was asked to post a schematic, so here it is.
                    Values used are: bd139, uf4007,25v1000uf and 25v2200uf.
                    The biased triggers are used for special timings.

                    Happy building!