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1AU - Universal Battery Charger & Rejuvenator

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    Originally posted by gabiX87 View Post
    Hi, I already have the 1AU and using it everyday. Everything is working fine. I had to put the charger into the basement because of quiet loud buzz/noise/rattle while charging. It's kinda hard to be with it in one room while in operation. Is it normal? How about your charger ?

    Thank you
    The bigger the battery and/or the higher the setting, the more noise.

    As long as your batteries are within the rating for each particular setting, you're charger is fine.
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      Another question.

      Can I charge two 12V power tool (or LABs) batteries in series as 24V on the 7 or 8 setting on the 1AU ?

      EDIT: With identical Ah rating and chemistry , of course.
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