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s80a24 Problem

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  • s80a24 Problem

    I understand there are no more warranty on the s80a24 units. I have MOSFET's that have blown in my unit. I believe i could repair it easily enough but I cannot tell what part number they are.

    Does someone happen to know so I can order replacements?


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    Holy crap!

    So, hey, how's it goin? I'm curious to know how your story is playing out with the S80A12.

    Would you mind elaborating a bit on your setup? Panel type, Vmp, and wattage? Battery setup?

    I recently bought a used Solar Tracker 5 S40A12, opened it up, and noticed there was no solder on the MOFSETs...made a post but no responses so far.

    My posts are here:
    and here:

    The second link has pictures of the unsoldered MOSFETs.

    Cheers, and thanks for your post. We are all in this together!


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      The MOSFETS are soldered to the trace side of the board - which is the other side from what your pictures show. Nothing wrong with that.