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Barely Used S40A12 Solar Tracker Tesla Charger $800 + shipping

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  • Barely Used S40A12 Solar Tracker Tesla Charger $800 + shipping

    Purchased and installed for a short bit, and then reconfigured the system.
    I have photos and can send more. Is it okay to post my email and phone number?
    I'm in Hawaii.

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    Originally posted by Bryan View Post
    ... Is it okay to post my email and phone number?
    I wouldn't post those details. Interested buyers can Private Message you for that.

    John K.


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      Originally posted by jajamezsz
      Aloha and Mahalo, I've got the Solar Tracker 5! Thank you, Mahalo! A little rusty here and there, believe it or not, but nothing serious, and I am certainly not displeased!

      Can I just get a little more info before you close this thread? I'd just like to know when you bought it - since they have gone through many models and changes, I'd like to be able to figure just which iteration this was, and the time frame in which it was made or bought would clear that up.

      Also, was it ever used or tested? I just want to know since I won't be using it for a while and would just like to know if it lights up and does its thing!

      One more thing I noticed that the large MOSFETs inside are not soldered to the board...this has me a little worried about the quality of assembly - unless it was intentionally done that way (Bedini was a genius with many proprietary techniques). Not that I can't solder them to the board myself, but I wouldn't want to have to alter anything, and again, I don't know whether or not this was a mistake in manufacturing - it has me confused. Probably a question for Aaron, but I thought I'd leave it here with you as well.

      Again, I'm very happy with our deal and mean no disrespect in bringing up my quandaries! Thanks again, and I hope you're doing well!