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Inverter/Chargers in combination with TST5's

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  • Inverter/Chargers in combination with TST5's

    I have been looking at inverters for my planned TST5 based solar setup. An inverter/charger seems like a sensible idea as it provides redundancy for problems with solar input.

    1. Would charging the batteries from the inverter/charger cause any sort of conflict or problem with the TST5? My plan is to have the inverter connected to an AC input (such as the grid), ready to charge the batteries if they drop below a certain voltage.
    2. If the batteries were to be charged from the inverter and the TST5 at the same time (say by accident) and your not supposed to, what would happen?
    3. If the inverter had to supply the load due to an issue with the solar input, does it also power the loads from the AC input as well as charge the batteries? Probably a silly question but I'm asking it anyway.

    I have been researching inverters and Outback inverters seem like they would be the best choice as they are inverter/chargers; can be stacked for redundancy and to support more loads in future and aren't overly expensive (but aren't cheap either). Struder inverters also look good but are expensive.

    I am looking for any feedback about TST5 setup, configurations and recommendations so any advise is appreciated.

    And John, when will Energenx be making inverters hehe


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