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The importance of Open Circuit Voltage?

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  • The importance of Open Circuit Voltage?

    I will be purchasing a 24V 80A or 160A Solar Tracker and Solar Panel's. John has mentioned a number of times to get as high Open Circuit Voltage as possible, I have a source for solar panels with a high OCV at 45V but the Short Circuit Current is 5.5A.

    Would these panels be well suited to these Solar Trackers? Does the lower Short Circuit Current have any impact?

    The full specs of the panel is listed below:

    The model is JT185SAb

    Open-Circuit Voltage Voc(V): 45
    Max-Power Voltage Vm(W): 36.27
    Max-Power Current Im(A): 5.1
    Short-Circuit Current Isc(A): 5.5
    Max-Power Pm(W): 185
    Module Power Range (W): 190 > Pm ≥ 185
    Power Tolerance (W): +0 ~ +5
    Max-System Voltage (VDC): 600 V(UL)/1,000 V(IEC)
    Cell Efficiency (%): 17.3/16.6
    Module Efficiency (%): 14.5
    Max. Series Fuse (A): 10
    Pm Temperature Coefficients (W/°C): -0.9964
    Isc temperature Coefficients (A/°C): 0.0023
    Voc Temperature Coefficients (V/°C): -0.1801
    NOCT Nominal operating Cell Temperature: 47 ±2 °C
    Maximum load rating: 5,400 Pa (112.78 lbf/ft2)



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    Hi James,

    Those panels look like they will work just fine. Since those are 185W panels, they will have a lower short circuit current than larger panels, so nothing to worry about.



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      Thanks Erik,

      From my beginner research a typical 250W solar panel is usually approx. 38OCV and 8A. Watts are Watts but does the Solar Tracker do something special with a high OCV panel that would make it more efficient etc? So would using an 185W panel with 45V OCV 5.5A be more efficient than a 250W, 38V OCV 8A panel when used with a Solar Tracker?

      It's just that John mentions using a high OCV panel.

      Possible a stupid question but for all intents and purposes I am stupid when it comes to this But I'm learning.

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