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crystal cell generates 1.3v but no amps help?

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  • crystal cell generates 1.3v but no amps help?

    Hi all,

    Found some videos on youtube which lead me to this site about creating an crystal battery using a copper tube (plumbing connection), magnesium core (meant to be 99.5% pure), with the 3 part mix of alum (food grade), epsom salt, potassium chloride (meant to be fairly pure but again not too sure on the purity level) and borax grind and packed between the copper and the magnesium. With a galvanized screw drilled into the magnesium core for the positive connector.

    Have created a few cells so far, and each time when testing I get an voltage output of around 1.3 volts how ever when i switch it to amps uA the display will not show anything value over 0.
    Just to ensure that I'm testing correctly have been using a 9 volt battery to compare against.

    Is there something that requires to be adjusted in this format that I might be overlooking? Any help would be appreciated.

    Also has anyone found that using electrical tape hindering their batteries voltage? I've created a cell as a test case using tape to keep the magnesium core and the copper away from each other in the event that there might of been an internal short.

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    Not sure about that combination idea, i have used just alum and a little water to make cells and they work just fine. They will run leds with the use of an oscillator circuit for a long time. Go to the home page of this forum and look under the john bedini forum, there is an entire section devoted to crystal cell batteries.


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      Mmm okay guess I will need some more testing then! Thanks!

      Edit: Thanks Brian, just did some micro testing with your listing and i'm getting amps now! just needed that baseline to get me started!
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        I too am getting volts but no amps. However I must be dense since I have yet to find how to fix this problem. Could you let me know exactly what you were doing wrong and how you fixed it please?
        Thanks in advance!