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what sort of alum for lead acid conversion?

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    Originally posted by wrtner View Post
    This is all a bit like switching the TV on half way through an episode of Columbo. I sort of understand, but really, I don't.

    I have several knackered lead acid batteries. With the plates in the state they probably are in, can I drain the acid, put in your fluids, and do something to get the plates OK and expect it to work fairly well?
    There is no way to finout if the plates are intact in terms of the active meterial (on the Positive plate that is..), but yes you can pour out all the Sulfuric acid inside assuming the battery performed well, and refill it with the Alum solution... A shorted battery is useless unless you figuer out a way to spot the short..
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      I have just converted an old car battery, steps i took were rinsing to death with sodium bicarb (probably a mistake?) then with distilled water, i first tried pool floc but realised that was not what John B used and switched it out for Aluminium Ammonium Sulfate at about 1.2/10 dilution. Can be sourced from IHerb for those looking for a source

      The cranking amps and standing voltage after first charge are low at 10.75 and cranking amps show as healthy 6volt battery on tester haha. It was considerably worse with the pool floc so at least I am heading in right direction.

      Can someone please explain if I can attempt to improve this battery by draining dead flat and reverse charging? or will this damage the car battery?

      I saw a video by cody on youtube where he reverse charged a home made alum battery to increase voltage and capacity but can i do this to a car battery and should I? I dont mind losing the battery I just want to find best method for conversion as I want to build a bank for solar.

      Also if I shouldnt do the polarity reversal process when cycling should i take the battery as close to 0 volts as possible or is 3v low enough and then recharge? And on recharge should I leave battery on charger after its showing as charged? ie to get maxium charge or just re flatten when charger states its done?