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    I see at the moment that there is said that it is important to keep the magnet wire at exactly 130 feet of length not an inch more or less but I also see speaking of 150 feet.
    Can any of the pro's enlighten me before i cut off to much of my 150 feet wires to trie it.


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    try it at 150, then try it at 130. 20 feet is not going change that much. the 130 is for smaller gauge wire and more strands. every coil is different, for different things. you wont go wrong either way, if you have the right spool.

    Tom C

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      Hi,, this seems a good place to ask about cutting down some hexfilar 2.4 ohm, @229 ft. 20ga. coils. should I target 1.2 ohms? I have 8 coils,3]4 inch r60 cores. 3.25x3.25 in. spools. I'd like to max their charging ability for L-16s at 24volts. I wish to have matched coils for testing and also later use on a larger energiser. Any help greatly appreciated. D. Foyil