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Ethernet CAT Cable for the Coil

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  • Ethernet CAT Cable for the Coil

    For my first SSG build I am sticking to the original plans.
    But I was wondering if anyone has ever used UTP Ethernet (CAT Cable) to wind their coil(s)?

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    Never used Ethernet cable.... Have used 4 and 8 strand Phone cable and just stripped off the outer insulation.... worked well enough for a test SSG, way back in the day, when that was what i had laying around.....


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      yes i second that. I have used it for both an sg bike wheel and solid state charger since i was a network tech for 10 years and it was free lol. My preference now is to buy the stuff that is spec'd in the plans but cat 5/6 is ok and does work. The gauge is just a bit small imo. Nothing wrong with it especially if you are on a small budget.