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3D print files for magnet holder on 28" rim

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  • 3D print files for magnet holder on 28" rim

    I am trying to build the Bedini SG with a 28 inch bicycle rim which I have available.
    I have the ceramic C8 magnets (which are 1 7/8" (47.6mm) long by 7/8" (22.2mm) wide and 3/8" (9.5mm)) from TeslagenX.
    In the "Bedini 1984, 2017 style" post 17, under:
    I can see the pictures from a nice magnet holder which I suppose will fit also into my rim nicely.
    Could someone help me with the files needed for 3d printing this or a similar magnet holder?
    Thank you.

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    Hi daucupace,

    It won't fit your bike rim, they are all different.
    It would be litigation suicide for anyone who's not an engineer to supply these holders.
    I can tell you that mine work great and i've had them over 700rpms.

    Plenty of free 3D cad programs for you to design your own, its a simple design.
    heaps of places to get them printed if you dont have your own printer.

    However these were only done this way so I could vary the design parameters between testing.
    sticking magnets directly to the rim and taping is the easiest way.
    Cant spend it when your dead.


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      Hi Deuis,

      Thank you very much for the reply/information.
      I will try to stick the magnets to the rim with double sided tape (since it won't hold without it since the rim is aluminium not steel) and see how it goes from there.
      Thank you.