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Frame Material for SG bike wheel

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  • Frame Material for SG bike wheel

    so as we wait for the new Bike Wheel kit from JB I got to thinking about frames for the bike wheel. in speaking with JB I asked him if plywood would work well for a frame. His response was that would would work well as long as there is no resin in it. this implies not to use particle board, not to coat the plywood with fiberglass resin, and to make sure that if you use plywood, it is speaker cabinet grade plywood. most Hi end speaker cabinets are made with 9 ply no void birch. I specifically asked if this type of plywood would work, his response was yes, but it is expensive.

    Perhaps JB will expand on why "no resin" I am fairly sure it has to do with either magnetic interaction, as sometimes resins have metals in them, or it may do something to the dipole that we do not know about that JB has seen experimentally.

    this may explain why some builds on the older groups with particle board were unsuccessful, and made lousy chargers, much less energisers.

    Tom C
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