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    Happy New year Group!

    RS ,, You ever get any of those cells to play with? I'm curious if you did what you think.

    I am working on a 3D printed battery design for those LFP cells I bought years ago. I am waiting on a new spot welder to arrive before I can really get to work on it but here is a little preview of the cad design. It will have 64 cells total which comes out to 88AH when put into 16 cell parallel trays in series.


    I will add more details to my old LFP post when I get rolling on it.

    I also have the itch to make some new projects after taking a few years off from it.


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      Yes, I bought a bunch of the Ni-Zn AA size battery's, and they worked good in my 5 for 1 solid state SSG charger...... need to build a better test discharger to get good COP numbers before i post about it.... Been real busy with the new building and other RL work, and have not had much time to do that kind of thing.

      the higher Voltage will make a Flash light shine VERY Bright.... My harbor fright 209 LED flash light burned out some of the LED's when i tried them in it, Because the Voltage was so high from charging on the Bedini Universal charger. will buy some more of these Ni-Zn AA and other size battery's for general use soon

      BTW, i like your 3D printed battery bank holder.... something like that would work good for the 5 for 1 SSG to hold all 5 of the sets of 4 AA's charging batterys, and then wire it for charge / discharge swap outs with latching relays using a 2nd 3D printed battery bank holder

      Happy New Year to all......
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        Oh no,, sorry about your flashlight. I have not seen them damage anything in that way but I'm sure it's possible.

        RS if you would like me to I'm happy to draw something up for you. I could print it off for you too if you don't have a printer. If your interested we can talk via email or PM about the details.


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          if you have my email, email me, if not PM me for it...... I use FreeCad and Open SCad for my 3D designs. I have a nice 4 head 3D printer.... Still learning all the tricks of the trade.....


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            I sent you a PM with my email.