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Do I have crap batteries?

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  • Do I have crap batteries?

    I have a couple of new Century d23lt 65AH batteries purchased about 6 weeks ago and I'm beginning to think they are crap and whether I should return them. They have been cycled near on 20 times mostly from my TST5.

    If I charge them on a hot charger and my TST5 they fully charge up to 14.8 and 15.4 respectively. When I charge them on the SSG using radiant or cap dump modes it seems to knock the capacity out of them, or at least the topping voltage?

    For example... I put one on the SSG with generator mode cap dump and it started ok but when it got to about 14V it plateaued so I changed back to radiant cap dump mode which didn't do much, I tried increasing and decreasing the pulse rate and moving the coil closer to push a bit more in to them but each change resulted in the same plateau effect. Then went straight radiant, this pushed it up higher but again it plateaued about 14.2V, I thought ok I'll stick them on the hot charger and see if it rises more, it went up and stopped at 14.2V within a few minutes, the battery just wouldn't go any higher! I have seen this happen before and if I take some capacity out and put them on the TST5 they seem to come good again.

    In comparison I have 3 newer Super Charge ns40zal 330CCA batteries which have been cycled less and charge great on the SSG and chargers.

    I am thinking I might run some capacity tests with them on the CBAIV and if they fail take them back.

    Has anyone had similliar experiences?



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    After reading a few older threads, I think I might give these batteries a few more deeper discharges and full charges on the hot charger and TST5 weather permitting. I haven't really taken them much below 12V and on occasion they never got a full charge on the TST5 due to the weather and then I pulled more out of them which is probably not very fair on the battery.