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  • Introduction

    Hey all...I see these introductions and realized that I never formally introduced myself on the Yahoo forum....

    My name is Branch Gordon...yes that is my real name. I'm a full-time musician in Indianapolis, IN USA. You can listen to my tunes here: Branch Gordon - Home

    I recently purchased a 10 acre homestead and am in the process of becoming completely self-sufficient. Growing my own food using permaculture concepts, using solar, wind, and Bedini power, chickens, sheep, rainwater harvesting, greywater, composting, biogas generation, etc.

    I had zero experience with electronics last year when I started this process. I watched a documentary called "Thrive" that mentioned free energy devices...and after doing some online research came across John Bedini. I've learned a great deal thus far and have burned out multiple transistors. I even melted one of the coils at one point.

    I am hoping that by the end of year I can be in the process of building something useful that I can incorporate in the homestead.