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Capacitor Safety Circuit for SG

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  • Capacitor Safety Circuit for SG

    Here's a capacitor safety circuit made out of a dpdt electronic 12V latching relay and a 30V zener diode. If the capacitor gets to 34V the zener breaks down and conducts current from the capacitor through the relay which is connected so that the trigger winding from the SG coil after the base resistor has a path when its reset and the path gets interrupted when it's tripped by the diode breaking down at 34V on the capacitor.

    So it's like a breaker and makes the SG more foolproof, the machine won't run unless the relay is reset if its triggered by the capacitor reaching 34V. If the capacitor reaches 34V or so the relay will trip and the SG will slowly wind down and the capacitor won't get any higher than the voltage it trips the relay just like disconnecting the run battery.
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    It's a nice idea. The number of times I've burned transistors. Thank you very much for this simple and effective circuit.