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  • Welcome Message & Forum Rules - READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING

    Hi all and welcome to the Bedini Monopole 1 - Advanced forum.

    This forum is for people who have built and tested the more advanced Bedini SSG Monopole Energizers and want to explore some of the most advanced designs. It is expected that you already have built many advanced Bedini SG energizers, these may include the solid state designs, capacitor discharge circuits or multi-coil motor energizers.

    If this does not sound like you, please join the converstaion either at the Bedini Monopole 3 - Beginners or Bedini Monopole 2 - Amateurs forum.

    This forum is also a continuation of the Bedini_Monopole Yahoo! group.

    The rules of this forum are pretty simple.

    Be nice and have fun! Feel free to share your progress and ask questions.

    John K.

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    Hi John,
    nice to see that the Bedini Community is still active...

    Best Regards


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      Hello John K do you remember me?


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        Hey Jack, yes I remember you from the OTG days. Welcome aboard

        John K.


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          I am slowly getting started again .just juiced up some ALUM Batts will put them on the machine and see if they give me OU too.


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            it was great finally meeting you at the conference jack...

            Tom C

            experimental Kits, chargers and solar trackers


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              Look, guys, I'm brand new to this forum and don't want to ask absurd questions but has anyone thought to magnetically levitate the rotor? Would this present any advantage? I mean suspending it with "doughnut" magnets that just fit over the shaft with the rotor in a horizontal plane. I also built a circuit off the internet (can't remember where) that seems to grab energy from the environment, depending on grounding and antenna. i got almost 1/2 a volt using a coffee can as the antenna. Could this be a possible power source for the bedini motor? If so that would indeed be free energy.
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