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PNP beta testing circuit

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  • PNP beta testing circuit

    Hi all,
    We have the beta matching circuit from the SG manual for NPN trasistors.
    I would like to modify that circuits concept to beta match PNP transistors.
    This might be very easy for some of us.
    Any one sure of the PNP circuit?

    I guessed wrong and blew an expensive PNP.

    Help if you can.

    Always grateful,
    bro d
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    Hi to interested parties.

    I received some offline help on this matter.

    If one has the beta testing circuit found in the Bedini SG intermediate hand book,
    then they can reverse the polarity on the DC power supply and the polarity with the DC meter for changing from NPN testing to PNP testing.

    I wasn't sure and needed confirmation.

    Always grateful,
    bro d


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      Dual mode Beta tester.

      DPDT toggles for the change NPN to PNP and back.

      Click image for larger version

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