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  • My Machine.

    My other thread is a bit cluttered and random so i'll keep this one strictly for the multicoil machine.

    Current set up is as follows.
    -26"wheel, 36 Magnets 2"x1"x1/2", North out.
    -9 x 8 Filar x 18ga coils.
    -Air gap is 6mm (1/4").
    -12V x 100Ah primary and secondary.

    Running tonight 466rpms @ 1.2A per coil with 214V peaks on the h wave.
    Hitting 280hz in single pulse mode with a 15ohm trigger.

    I've machined up a shaft that allows for an 8mm ID cartridge bearing and printed up a bushing to fit the wheel.
    This allows me to run a standard ceramic downhill bearing giving me a spin time of 3mins 45 seconds with 9 coils in place.
    It's balanced nicely, supported on one side only and is held on the shaft by a tiny circlip but there is no side movement.

    The wheel is magnet variable so I will do some testing with the 36mag wheel and then drop it back to 27 magnets and do some comparisons.

    There is space for 9 more coils which will probably be Generator coils.

    The 6 copper Bus lines from inside out are Primary +, Primary -, Secondary +, Signal wire, Gen+, Gen-.
    1/4" copper pipe with copper saddles being used for connection lugs.
    Pipe is connected at rear to parallel and double Current Carrying Capacity.
    From this connection a 25mm2 flex is connected to the batteries.

    Coils are mounted to structural ply with a 3D printed variable position mount.

    9 coil.jpg
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    Hi Deuis,

    Really nice build!

    Looks like you are running two strands per transistor with heat sinks. Do the transistors still run cool?

    Are you running it in radiant mode or common ground mode? From the photo and low current draw, I'd guess it is running in radiant mode.


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      Yes it's in radiant.
      I'll test all variants in time.

      No heat in the transistors at all, but i'll confirm that with an infra-red thermometer.
      *Heat sink is running about 1C above ambient.
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        Running the machine in radiant, no generator coils, cap dump or shaft load.

        Through Battery chart analysis the best I can figure the machine is consuming 54.7W at 456RPM's.
        This was concluded after running for one hour and matching the load voltages to the chart of the primary.
        Starting Voltage was 12.05V and finished at 11.91V therfore the primary was running at about 4.55A.


        An analogue meter is showing 1A on the primary coil if calculated out - 12V * 1A * 9 coils = 84W which is off by 65% for this machine.

        I've done 3 x 1hr load tests of the secondary.
        After an hour of charging I left for 10mins to rest then started the battery analyser.

        1 - 2.918ah
        2 - 3.427ah
        3 - 2.728ah

        The load patterns vary wildly.
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          This test was a little different.

          I charged the primary to full and load tested for 5ah to give a baseline.
          I immediatly recharged the primary to full.

          I discharged the Secondary to 10.5V for the secondary baseline.

          I then ran the monopole in radiant for 1hr with the CBA on battery monitor.
          (large black line down, the leads fell off for a few seconds, no effect to experiment).

          After the 1hr charge the secondary rested for 10mins and was discharged.

          After one hour of running the primary was down to 12.39V under load.
          If plotted against the 5ah baseline the primary has used .111ah.
          The secondary has discharged 2.26ah.

          Wheel had 18 magnets with 9 x coils running 500rpms.
          Primary coil was running 1.4A on the analogue ammeter with spikes up to 280V at about 150hz.
          12V primary and secondary.

          Ive done some more load testing on the battery so I can match curves and figure out more precisley how much power i'm using.
          The curve matches somewhere in between the red and the green lines.
          Lets split the differance and say the machine consumes on average 3.25A (.361A per coil) while running.
          1.4A / .361A = 3.88, so its out by 388% as a measure of the machines power input.
          3.25ah / 2.26ah = 69.5% recovery
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            Scalar versus North comparison.

            Exactly the same machine, same air gap, same batteries and same wiring.
            The only differerance is the scalar wheel is about 1" wider diameter due to the magnets being on their sides and a little heavier.

            Machine is running:
            9 coils
            18 scalar north magnets
            1.4A primary ammeter
            348v Peaks

            Charting off the primary draw the machine consumes 2.5amps per hour.
            The secondary discharged 2.268ah indicating a 90.7% recovery rate.
            No cap dum, no conditioned batteries, radiant charge, no gen coils or shaft load.
            Motor certainly does not have the torque of the North out or the speed but has bigger stronger spikes.
            Each coil consuming .277A. 1.4 / .277 = 5.04 so its out by 504% as a measure of the machines power input.
            Wheel is not aerodynamic and pushes a lot of air around.
            It moved a huge amount of air on .232ah. .232*12=2.78w

            Primary Scalar.JPG
            Scalar 1.JPG
            Primary base.JPG
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              Scalar North Generator Mode.

              Machine specs:
              -26"wheel, 18 scalar magnets
              -9 x 8 Filar x 18ga coils.
              -Air gap is 6mm (1/4").
              -12V Primary and Secondary
              -286V peaks
              -2.1A per coil as per ammeter

              Charting the primary draw off 1hr of operation battery was at 12.1V.
              According to the base load charts it sits between the 4 & 5ah load curves so lets call it 4.5ah.
              4.5 / 9 = .5A per coil.

              Each coil consuming .5A. 2.1 / .5 = 4.2 so its out by 420% as a measure of the machines power input.

              No cap dum, no conditioned batteries, generator mode charge, no gen coils or shaft load.

              The secondary was baselined to 10.5V and charged for one hour when load tested it dissipated 7.49ah.
              7.49 / 4.5 = 1.664 so its charging at 166.4% of primary input.

              Battery was cold boiling and finished at 16.1V before machine turned off.
              Secondary Load.JPG
              Load Base.JPG

              *1 coil wasnt operational during this run.
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                  Bedini's Vision

                  Hey JD,

                  We all be asleep at the wheel! Great results from the 9 Coiler test demonstrating that it is possible to build a modified SSG that can output more than the input. COP of 1.66 for this configuration speaks for itself!

                  So next is to wire in the 9th coil and give this system another whirl, bound to be better from an output standpoint. It would be of interest to chart the Charge battery voltage to observe how rapidly it gets to maximum Charge voltage.

                  Also interesting to note the metered amperage draw discrepancy.

                  Now comes the interesting phase,

                  "The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you." -Neil Degrasse Tyson


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                    Thanks for sharing this!

                    Will you be comparing repulsion to attraction mode?
                    Aaron Murakami

                    You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ― Richard Buckminster Fuller


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                      Hello JD,

                      Quick note to you that it would be useful to explain the "scalar north" magnet arrangement for those who have not referenced the prior thread. This concept may be a bit foreign.

                      Looking forward to your next progressive posts.


                      "The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you." -Neil Degrasse Tyson


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                        Hi Yaro,

                        I've ordered another 26" wheel last week so I can run Scalar North and North out motors anytime I wish for direct comparisons.
                        Scalar north is two north poles on two magnets squished together for a stronger more condensed field, this supposedly gives larger sharper spikes.
                        North out is just the one magnet with the north facing out as per the standard wheels.
                        Yaro jumped the gun on me by a week for results but when I get time they will come.
                        North out defintly has more torque on the wheel (500rpms - 300rpm scalar) which is better for any generator coils.
                        But I havent seen a direct comparison between the output of a Scalar North and North only or North only with generator coils.

                        One thing I have noticed is the scalar wheel doesn't double or triple pulse, it goes straight into single pulse mode.
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                          Hi Aaron,

                          I wasn't going in that direction as others including John Bedini have proven its more efficient in attraction.

                          It takes a lot of effort to change the machine around in that configuration and my pile of blown MJL's is building up already....

                          I'm more focused on magnet configurations and outputs with attraction mode as one of the few proven standards.

                          So to recap i've fixed the wheel size, coil configuration and airgap for now.
                          I have stayed at 12V just due to the power this thing is poducing, not because I dont want to go higher just too scared.
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                            Some more data.

                            26" wheel
                            12V back and front.
                            18 scalar magnets.
                            9 coils X 8 filar X 18ga.
                            6mm air gap.
                            Rotor was 310rpm with 1ohm trigger.
                            302V peaks
                            2.4A per coil analogue meter

                            I ran the machine for 2hrs at which the primary had drained to 11.36V
                            Primary 2hr.JPG

                            11.36V on this primary battery chart indicates is it just past 50% usage.
                            Lets say 55% X 42ah = 23.1ah used in 2hrs.
                            Primary 1.JPG

                            This time I doubled up the secondary with 2 x 100ah batteries in 12V and discharged 34.87ah after the load test had completed to the baseline of 11V.
                            Secondary 2hr.JPG
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                              Some more data.

                              26" wheel
                              12V back and front.
                              18 scalar magnets.
                              9 coils X 8 filar X 18ga.
                              6mm air gap.

                              Primary drawdown 12.12V @ 30mins

                              Lets say its used 2/9 of capacity = 9.3ah
                              Primary 1.JPG

                              Secondary consumption 27.24ah
                              Cant spend it when your dead.