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My 1st Selfrunning Generator?

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  • nilrehob
    Update first showing the EMF and then consumed energy:


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  • nilrehob
    started a topic My 1st Selfrunning Generator?

    My 1st Selfrunning Generator?

    This took me by surprise!

    Nine low-voltage coils in series are connected to a variac.
    The sum of the EMF in the coils is ~5.5V
    The yellow trace is the 10th unused coil.
    The blue trace is the current measured across a 1 ohm resistor.
    The purple trace is the output from the transformer.

    When the output from the transformer is decreased below the EMF the current shifts and the rotor continues to run.

    If You understand what’s going on please explain!

    Further details:

    The four strands in each of the nine coils are in parallel.
    The nine coils are in series.
    The sum of the DC resistance in the nine coils is 2.8 ohm.
    The sum of the inductance in the nine coils is 36 mH.
    The coils have welding-rods as core.
    The distance between coils-magnets is ~3mm.
    There are 20 neo-magnets, all north.

    The tenth coil is only connected to the scope as reference.

    The sum of the EMF from the nine coils is 5.5V (3.9V RMS).

    There is no Bedini circuit connected to any coil.

    The variac secondary is connected to the nine coils.
    The variac primary is connected to the grid.
    The grid is 50Hz, the wheel spins at 150 RPM.

    Since there are magnets and not a squirrel-cage there is no slip.
    It is a synchronous motor/generator.
    The wobbling is because the coils and the magnets are not that tightly coupled.
    The motor has ceramic bearings.

    When the variac is above EMF, the variac is running the wheel as a motor.
    When the variac is below EMF, the wheel is a generator feeding the variac?

    When the voltage from the variac is above the coils EMF there is positive torque.
    When the voltage from the variac is below the coils EMF there should be negative torque.

    Why does the wheel still run when the variac is at 2.5V RMS which is below the EMF of the coils?