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    The monopole coil gives no advantage using it with spinning magnets, that I can see anyway. I'm going with reciprocal motion. Opposites are opposite they void each other.


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      On your internal coil, consider pairing up two leads and treat the two as a 2 conductor Tesla Bifilar coil, joining one of the ends of on one end with one wire end on the opposite end of the coil. Output will be higher...... Shorting the coil with a magnetic reed switch will further increase thevoltage output.


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        I think this method is the same principle. I believe it to show how magnetism works, why a magnet has a bloch wall. Electricity spins towards the middle from the ends in opposite directions. The magnetic field is like the mirror image of that. From the middle to the ends in the opposite directions of the electric. I think Tesla knew this and that's how he came up with the bifilar coil. This coil proves it also, if the windings are in opposite directions from the center, it's bipolar, same directions from center, monopole. Both methods give a superior solenoid overall. The monopole solenoid is great for using a magnet as the plunger. It's not an actual monopole of course, but the effect is the same. The wider center has less windings than the ends. Direction of spin is relative, you can't wind from the center out because of the shape, you have to wind from the ends so it can be confusing.

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