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Watson coil design

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  • Watson coil design

    Hi All,

    Any ideas on the long thin coils seen on the Watson machines.

    Reason for length - increased core material?

    Small wire for thin coils?

    What do I want for current from the coils to pulse charge a pair of golf cart batties?

    #of winds?

    I'm doing testing but have no intuition on these coils.

    bro d

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    4 big neo's and 3 aircore/500ft #18 wire coils did much better than 6 ceramic ring mags and 5 of same coils/bolt cores.

    Neo's spun at 2000rpm
    Rings at 1500

    Concluded: smaller wire to get voltage up with rings and r60 cores.

    Ring mags are about same D as Pittsfield spools and we're spaced with ID and distance between mags the same.

    Rings were mounted on wood rotor 1 flew off and went into the sheet rock.