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    Hi, a few years ago I bought a monopole kit which can take a maximum of 6 coils including the bifilar trigger coil.
    It's only now that I have stopped working that I can devote enough time to assembling the kit. The 2 side plates are about 6 inches across and the spinning central rotor is 3.75 inches in diameter.
    It seems to me that the trigger coil turns All the transistors, on or off, at the same time. Let's assume that I had a 6 magnet, 6 coil model, the on/off switching can only be ideal for one of the 6 coils. The switching for the remaining 5 coils may be marginally too late, or too early for an ideal tuning of the device.
    So I have 2 questions:-
    1) Is my assumption true, in that the switching of all the transistors on or off at the same time, can only be optimal for 1 of the 6 coils? ; and
    2) I have a 3 magnet version of the monopole kit. There is a circuit diagram included, to build a 2 trigger version utilizing all 6 coils. The main bifilar trigger coil would be at the bottom (6 o'clock) position, at the second trigger coil would be immediately to the right in the 5 o'clock position. There is a sliding perspex bar at the bottom of the device which allows me to advance the timing of the "main" trigger coil at the bottom. If I were to advance the timing by sliding the perspex bar to the left, and therefore achieve faster RPM, how would I do the same thing on the second trigger coil?
    I would really appreciate an explanation which would deepen my understanding of thid fascination device.
    Regards Royden Harrison

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    Pics please.

    Tom C

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