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How much time to desulfate and recharge likea Car battery with a Bedini SG

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  • How much time to desulfate and recharge likea Car battery with a Bedini SG

    Hi guys,
    I am able to charge batteries (1.2 rechargeable, 1.5v alkaline - all small size) like a breeze - as it seems from my current experience, like a breeze, with the Beidini SG built as per recommandations of the wonderful A&P ebook "beginner's".
    (I must also say some of thelm were definitively lost - not sure if unproper use from me or defective batteries or else).
    I would like to desulfate, bring to new conditions 3 car batteries I have which are rated 50AH / 12V.
    How much time would that take with the SG ? Would charge / discharge cycles be necessary ?
    (one reads 9 volts, the other 4volts).

    My SG sucks between 0 and 3 watts with a plug wall of 16V - normally around 100/300mA - figures to take with caution.

    Greets !!

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    hello bungee

    about your batterys
    when they read this low it depends if it is possible to do them.
    after a week you would be sure but dont count on it.
    the way i do it its simple
    run them and keep a voltmeter connected. you will see them klimb slowly a few secconds and then climb rapidly to 13 volts or above.
    at that point hook up a standard headlight of 55 watts to them but leave them on the running wheel
    see where they go after 1 or 2 seconds
    most likely they drop right below 12 to 10 volts. let them drop to 10 volts flat.
    it can be in 5 seconds
    disconnect the light and charge again
    in about a minute they go back to 13 volt so turn on the light again till 10 volt and record time of discharge(important)
    repeat this the whole evening.
    by now you should be able to have a couple of minutes worth of light.
    let it charge for a night and repeat in the morning a few times. again let it charge all day and repeat in the evening.
    after a week they should be standing over 12 volt
    if not and they drop back to 10 or below your battery is wasted



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      by the way
      a total time is hard to give.
      count at least a month or a fair battery and way longer for real bad ones.
      but you see them recover after each discharge.