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Solderless Bedini SG !

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  • Solderless Bedini SG !

    Dear Mentors, all,

    I'm very glad to say after building a SG from scratch, I have made it solderless and it WORKS !!!!!
    argggghhhhh....never thought this would be possible.
    Have a look on the photos !!
    I am currently testing the charge of a 12 V battery with a 6 V battery, and testing about the overunity inside the batteries.
    So far, I am quite disappointed with the results, because it barely barely shows a 1:1 albeit with 7 strands.
    The wheel is running at about 139 turns per minute.
    The Base resistors are 47 ohms, if I recharge from the 6 V the trigger coil resistor is 47 ohm also,
    if I charge from the 12 V I installed 2 resistors worth 200 ohms.
    eeerr.....I was expecting a 7:1 ratio...with 7 strands....well, I'm still researching this.
    Anyway, I am so proud , so happy to see the machine working .
    I am a newbie and to tune the system as described above, I needed around 10 hours of work.
    I am open to suggestions to improve the efficicency though, if anything seems obvious from my mentors posting here...
    To have this working, I destroyed 5 transistors, 1 diode, 1 ne-2H bulb.
    Sharing the good news, I want that the newbies here feel confident they can make it.
    Yes, the BEDINI SG works and it does STRANGE THINGS !!!! This technology is not a SCAM !!! I'm a living proof for it !!

    Next step for me ? Get up to the 7:1 efficiency ratio !! * ...if I can...
    not impossible, probably...haven't I done the hardest part ? Yes, that is so I believe.

    * mind I'm not using capacitor discharge, just the "spikes".
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    boy im glad that works 1 hate to try and fix that //you should keep run voltage and charge voltage same
    [battery impedance]ah


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        with a standard SG and matched batteries you can expect 1 to 1... not 7 to 1. strands are added to increase the capablity to charge larger batteries, plus you can see the mechanical. how are you measuring your battery capacity? how do you know you are getting 1 to 1

        Tom C

        experimental Kits, chargers and solar trackers


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          Thanks guyzzemf for helping,

          Hi Tom,
          mmh I say more or less 1:1 because I think it's actually lesser than that.
          I have no ampere tester, only a voltmeter to monitor the 2 batteries - it's planned .
          I started with :
          a 12 v 50 ah , battery sat at 11,90 v
          and a 6V, battery sat at 6,07 v
          Currently I'm running this since 24 h and the batteries show :
          11,55 for the 12V and 6,50 for the 6V under charge.
          I have just noticed that the source battery while at rests gets more voltage than under run,
          and on the contrary, the destination battery seats at a lower voltage than during run.
          But to me, these runs may be preparing the batteries for future better capacity - currently, I'm viewing this as under-unity.
          What would you think about it ?
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