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The Oscillating Current transformer in Bedinis monopole

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  • The Oscillating Current transformer in Bedinis monopole

    Been away for a while. Was going over my notes the other day and I picked up on something that has now sunk in after looking at other designs over the years.

    I havent seen anyone else really talk about it or mention it. I noted Bedini touched upon it very briefly in one of the videos, but didnt elaborate. Im now wondering if it is what we have been missing all along. I believe this is what he implemented on his 10 coiler, though I cannot verify. Id love to see a shot of the circuits on the back of that thing but I dont know if one exists.

    What Im referencing is the second inductance coming off the collector BEFORE the bridge/diode arrangement. If you have been through his notes on his page you may have seen it in a little hand drawn schematic. There appears to be very little information on it. What I noticed is that this arrangement seems to be prevalent in other designs. Dr Stifflers SEC notably, Teslas true Tesla coil as noted by Eric and also Teslas Ozone generator patent. It would seem to be that the value of the inductance would be critical but when optimised the discharge of the energizers coil (high voltage oscillating ringdown) would be directed through this second inductor on its way to the rectifier/2nd battery. On his notes he shows a bridge rectifier and a low microfarad capacitor placed on this secondary coil.

    Has anyone bothered to look into this further? It would appear to me that this inductor here could make all the difference, and allow for another potential source of recovery/amplification.
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    Hi Ren,

    Isn't this what he referred to as additional nodes? I think he said you could add as many nodes as you wanted and each would give back slightly less than the one before it. I found this old thread where You, Tom , ZPDM, and some others were discussing this.

    Gary Hammond,