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Explorations of the Bedini Ferris Wheel Motor Energizer

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  • Explorations of the Bedini Ferris Wheel Motor Energizer

    Hi All,

    In 2016 I was blessed to acquire 4 of John Bedini's Models, the medium size Brown Pendulum, the 6 Coil SSG, the Ferris Wheel, and the small Brown Ferris Wheel. In 2017 I did the presentation on the Poor mans 4 Battery swapping system using the 6 Coil SSG as the 24V load, charging 3 banks of 24V battery's swapped out to run a inverter running various loads.

    Then I had to Move, delaying working on anything until I could get a new shop built at the new place.
    Now that the new shop building is built, and the Ele & Solar installed to the building and back to the house, I will be able to erect the Ferris Wheel in the new building and get it going.

    In 2019 I did a short presentation at Energy Science Conference announcing a Go Fund Me, to help me fund studying and upgrading the Ferris Wheel to demonstrate what all it can do to generate power.
    new go fund me link: paign=p_cf+share-flow-1

    I will then bring it to the 2020 Energy Science Conference to demonstrate what all I have found and upgraded.

    In the mean time, I have started the Explorations of the Bedini Ferris Wheel Motor Energizer starting with the Hub motor with the pie shaped magnets in my new office. Over the next few month's until the 2020 Energy Science Conference, I will be posting updates of that Exploration here in this thread.
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    Hub Motor pics

    here are pics of the Hub Motor with my measurements of the magnets & space between magnets on blue tape
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      For this series of experiments on the Pie Shaped magnets on the FW Hub Motor I used the Linear Hall Effect magnetic field sensors A1326LUA-T A1324LUA-T.

      The A1324/25/26 feature factory programmed sensitivities of 5.0 mV/G, 3.125 mV/G, and 2.5 mV/G, respectively.
      The Hall Sensors are used with a OpAmp circuit PCB that I designed about 15 years ago based on this web site:
      This OpAmp circuit scales the Linear Hall Voltage output so that it reads +/- 8.80V = 880 N/S Gauss (A1326LUA-T), or +/- 4.40V = 440 N/S Gauss (A1324LUA-T)on a meter or Oscope

      In the Pic's/Videos the clear Pin sensor wand is the A1326LUA-T, and the grey Pin sensor wand is the A1324LUA-T
      sorry for the fuzzy pic taken during calibration
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        Video of the magnet field sensors over the center of the pie shape magnets on the hub motor
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          Video of the magnet field sensors on the ends of the pie shaped magnets on the hub motor

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            Originally posted by RS_ View Post
            Video of the magnet field sensors over the center of the pie shape magnets on the hub motor

            Very interesting - the wavform is identical to the Kromrey waveform. I wonder if that was intentional. Of course this is the magnetic field and not the output of coils, but still very interesting!
            Aaron Murakami

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              Hey RS,

              Great and detailed effort in showing the inner workings of the Bedini FW. The experiment depicting the magnets' field is excellent using the Hall sensors in combination with the Oscope. The field shape is reminiscent of the induced field in the ZFM as the rotor Neo's pass by the unpowered coils - makes sense to me anyway,

              The sharp spike at the narrow tip of the magnets demonstrates the concentration of the magnetic field well. Very nice and informative!

              Thanks for sharing and looking forward to more as you progress.

              "The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you." -Neil Degrasse Tyson


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                This video shows the Hub Motor pie shaped magnet field using brake drum/rotor filings that were rusted, and used for various experiments over the last few years.


                Several years ago, I Put a SG/cap pulser coil into a plastic tub w/ lid full of these filings, and then running the SG was a very interesting experiment. Changed the Oscope wave forms and operation in ways i did not expect.
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                  This video shows the Hub Motor pie shaped magnets field shape using Ferro Fluid

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                    Here are pics of the Ferris Wheel Hub Motor Timing wheel. When I received the FW, the 5, 1/2" magnets on the timing wheel were missing. You could clearly see where they had been glued down. So I replaced the 5, 1/2" magnets on the Timing wheel with new ones as talked about in the FW EFV-23-2010-Tech Review video.
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                      I had planed to take inductance and resistance measurements of the FW Hub Motor coil's this weekend to post along with these pic's...

                      My 20+ year old LCR meter was dead in the water when I unpacked it from the box it was moved in... So I had to buy a new one, and will post the measurements next weekend.
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                        following this closely....amazing stuff!!! What kind of circuit is this? i remember John saying "it's a highly modified Bedini Cole Switch" any chance on reverse engineering a schematic?


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                          I've already reverse engineered the circuit, and have made PCB's of my version of the circuit
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                            nice! thats so cool! is it indeed a modified bedini cole? any chance of sharing the schematic?


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                              It is a modified B/C bipolar circuit. The Hub motor has 3 sets of bipolar transistors and the main wheel circuit has 5 sets of bipolar transistors.... I will post the circuit schematic at some point soon, I dont have it on the tablet.... I have sold several of these PCB's, so it is out there...
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