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  • Free energy with Seesaw

    I did some experiment and after that I post this Idea .
    I used 6 balls (toy ball which light up due to pressure) and attach these balls with both Arms of seesaw system .when I applied a force on this seesaw then the balls glowed up and So I think that we can use coil+magnet system and it will also work.
    I also tested mass issue that so I put 3 kilogram weight on each arm but it didn't effect the whole system and balls again glowed up with same force that I applied before attaching the weight.
    Now I want to tell that I used just a very little force only using my finger tips and this system did well what I was expecting.The design is simple and there is nothing complex to understand the design .suppose there is a BEAM which is in equilibrium position and 10 no. coil+magnet system or (flashlights) permanently attached on it horizontally and we are turning this seesaw side by side towards 2 to 3 can imagine its function very easily.

    To turn a 4 kilogram (including mass of flashlights) balanced seesaw in 3 centimeter(thrice a second) there is need of only .36 newton force using f+ma equation ,there fore I say that mass is not a big issue in this design even we can reduce it upto 50%more but the main issue is sliding of magnet to move pass the coil. Suppose a coil+ magnets system require 10 watt to shake so that it could counter the Lenz's law then this 10 watt + .36 watt(newton)+ .50(watt) = 11 watt will be sufficient to shake all 10 no. flashlights or coil+magnet system.if a coil +magnet system 's output is only 5 watt then we can get 50 watt out put with these total 10 no. coil+ magnet systems and input will be only 11 watt.That'st I want to say.
    furthermore if we replace coil+magnets with 10 people then these ten people will move or turn when we will shake or turn the arm of seesaw.
    when this 11 watt force will applied on the arm of seesaw then every coil+magnet system will work as this 11 watt will be equally distribute in all these coil+magnet system.

    if mass is equal then F=a and its mean that the force applied on seesaw will be distributed equally or in other words all flashlights will be accelerated equally.Thus each flashlight will generate energy and output will be greater than input.

    Note: we are turning the corner of seesaw so total system will be turned .
    we are applying input energy but this will be distributed equally to shake all 10 coil+magnet system.
    There is no need of applying 10 times force as only one time force will be sufficient to shake the total 10 no. flashlights.

    Now in this design we are shaking 10 no. flashlights with the force of equal to shake a single flashlight(COIL+MAGNET) and these flashlight will work or glow up there is no doubt about it. we can take not only 10 no. flashlight but also 20,30,50 or more because remember the seesaw is in balanced position so again say that there is need of only small amount of energy to move it and also consider that this seesaw is just moving only 2 to 3 centimeter sideways so this is also an advantage .
    Friction is very less,applying force is same as we are shaking 10 no. flashlights with the force of shaking a single flashlight.sideways momentum is only 2 to 3 centimeter then why this should not work?

    There may be friction loss but it will be negligible and there will be no effect on the entire system due to this loss.
    So my earnest request to all of great folks that reconsider about this design.
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    wow. fantastic.. scientist