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  • Hi Christian,

    It looks like your coils are turned 90 degrees compared to the ZFM. Is that intentional? ZFM has magnets moving from one pole to the other as far as direction is concerned and you seem to have one pole only facing the rotor.
    Aaron Murakami

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    • Interesting setups!

      Hi Cristian,

      Thank you for all your efforts to make these very interesting pulse motors and the videos on them. My heart was braking with sorrow when you put to pieces that 6 coil motor, LOL. But I know that your intention was to show everything and you did.

      In your latest video I think you used again the same heavy rotor (it has 4 kg mass) what you already used in the pitbull pulse motor setup, right? It is interesting to compare the results of the two different pulse motors running the same heavy rotor mass.
      (I think the pitbull pulse motor run at 9 V and drew around 410 mA and the RPM was around 1200.)


      PS Here is a google translation of the above text into Spanish, to make it easier for Cristian to understand everything.

      Hola Cristian,
      Gracias por todos sus esfuerzos para hacer estos motores de pulso muy interesantes y los videos que aparecen en ellos. Mi corazón estaba frenando de dolor cuando destrozaste ese motor de 6 bobinas, LOL. Pero sé que tu intención era mostrar todo y lo hiciste.

      En tu último video , creo que usaste nuevamente el mismo rotor pesado (tiene 4 kg de masa) lo que ya usaste en el pitbull configuración del motor de impulsos , ¿verdad? Es interesante comparar los resultados de los dos motores de impulsos diferentes que funcionan con la misma masa de rotor pesado.
      (Creo que el motor de pulso pitbull funciona a 9 V y dibujaba alrededor de 410 mA y el RPM era alrededor de 1200).

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      • Dueling ZFM's

        Hello to all and Happy Spring,

        James McD and I had our annual Bedini fest where we devote three days to various experiments related to our current experimental interests. This year's fest was devoted mostly to the ZFM and we managed to accomplish many different and interesting experiments. The more interesting results will be presented in late spring and then in early summer at the 2018 Energy Conference.

        The experimental results of a couple of them will require verification from other experimenters due to there unusual nature. These will be revealed at the Conference.

        Anyway, James came up with a fun experiment where one would take the reversing polarity voltage that is fed to the ZFM's coils by the Bipolar switch and then also input this directly to an AC-DC power supply. The input to the ZFM's coils is a high frequency DC voltage that can be described as having an AC type of nature and the AC-DC power supply should convert this input to a DC voltage output that can then be fed to the another ZFM's power input. Whew! Will this work?

        Well the JZFM was cranked up and the input voltage adjusted to 28.38v yielding 5315 RPM at 1.01A. The output from the AC-DC power supply rose to about 50v or so before the other ZFM was powered up. Upon power up of the other ZFM this AC-DC output voltage dropped to 28v or so. The other ZFM accelerated to 8074 RPM at 25.7v and 0.5A. The amperage on the primary PS jumped to 1.717A to reflect the increased load and voltage remained relatively stable.

        So everything worked as James had envisioned and the experiment was a tremendous success and a very fun test. BTW nothing blew up and everything continued to run smoothly without any excessive overheating. No OU was expected here and none observed. Not all experiments end this well...

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        • advances, the zero force engine

          Originally posted by James McDonald View Post
          Hi Drew --

          To answer your question on a practical use of this Zero Force Motor. Our first project which Yaro has set out to do is to run
          a water pump. My goal is to run a car alternator to charge batteries while the motor is running on solar cells. This motor once it is
          at the high RPM's draws less current then a conventional motor. These are two practical uses of the Zero Force Motor which are
          possible. I can tell you that at the 2017 Energy & Technology Conference this presentation on the Zero Force Motor kept everyone
          there glue to their seats. I was there in one of those seats and I purchased the presentation information myself because it was such
          a good presentation.

          -- James
          greetings, congratulations to all for sharing and contributing their advances, the zero force engine, achieves a lot of speed, as they have been demonstrating, but in the end you have to use the engine in something practical, move water pump, generators, etc,
          From what I've seen that zmf lacks torque.
          The idea of moving a car alternator for power generation is also one of my ideas, but to move the car alternator, some torque and speed are needed.
          Mr. James McDonald does not know if he has succeeded in moving a car generator, which is what I also experience
          but to move the car generator you need speed and power,


          • Greetings Alexelec,

            The ZFM has progressed over the past two years as a viable driving motor (see the Advanced ZFM Explorations thread). The torque capabilities are outlined in the latest posts on that thread and have been improved progressively to the point that the ZFM will drive a small pump. There are no secrets here and the design information is shared freely.

            The original ZFM design configuration is just an introduction to John Bedini's air core motor concept and once the basic principles are understood they can be leveraged to a more productive design configuration.

            Be glad to answer any ZFM relevant questions.
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            "The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you." -Neil Degrasse Tyson