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Help with my Bedini SSG

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  • Help with my Bedini SSG

    I have been recently building a Bedini SSG, and I have had some problems. Whenever we turn it on, our magnets repel, but our rotor doesn't want to start. It will spin for about 40 seconds, and then stop. Our coil also gets extremely hot, and we keep burning out transistors. If you guys could help, that would be great, thanks.

    Here is our setup:Click image for larger version

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    what is the free spin time on the rotor? there should not be any or very little mechanical resistance. the coil is designed for very little electromotive function it is not a motor coil. your core looks to big for the circuit, the wheel too heavy and the wire too small with not enough turns on the coil. as the wheel slows down the trigger stays on longer increasing flow thru the transistor, eventually you will slow down ant the transistor will stay on and fry. get a regular bike wheel and make the coil per the specs in the SG beginners book.

    Tom C

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      Thanks tom