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1935 - Various Engines Shown To Run On Catalyst In Water To Burnable Alcohol

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  • 1935 - Various Engines Shown To Run On Catalyst In Water To Burnable Alcohol

    Special order Purchase VHS or DVD movie - "Free For All" 1949 comedy/ romance with Bob Cummings. Based on a true story from the 1930's. Bob shows a car and also a simulated outboard motor in water barrel running on the modified water! May be also seen on You tube Video. Original chemist made up formula using fine type coal powder and photography silver compound. Mixture is heated with acids until floating chemical formed. This greenish/ blue catalyst is scraped off and dried and stored in opaque bottles -because of light sensitivity. One teaspoon of this 5 cents chemical added to gallon of water bubbles and forms burnable alcohol. later, in 1949, a movie was made based on this inventor's discovery. (He actually got the design from a German chemist who bunked with him in the 30's." When the German passed on, he claimed this for himself and gave demonstrations on cars, trucks, motorcycle, lawnmower and tractor.. He wanted 2 million dollars for the formula- never paid. You get to see the original old US Patent office building. The movie actually had 3 names, - Hot Water, Patent Applied For, and Free For All. Original manuscript was story written by author Herbert Clyde Lewis."It's Quite A Good Movie!" Your other option movie is called "The Water Engine". Inventor refuses to give up his design plans. What happens?